how long did it go undriven.. WAS TOLD BOTH OF MY BUSHINGS NEEDED TO BE REPLACED. The dealership Took 8 times but the dealer finally got it fixed. ", "Intermittently, fails to activate starter. It is necessary to remove and re-add the device from the Forester's list, which is complicated by the fact that the Bluetooth settings don't always offer the remove option in the menu. ", "annoying rattle inside the dash when going 35+ mph", "Driver-side visor squealed when deployed. the dealer explained that this is very common on light colored vehicles. ", "Engine bay firewall area had a low frequency vibration noise, fixed by using a cable tie to stop vibration", "The display screen/radio stopped functioning entirely and it took 7 weeks to get a new unit installed. ", "We have owned a previous Subaru and never experienced the problem we are having with the Forester. This happened a few days ago and I have not yet had it looked at. WHEN ALL OF THAT WAS DONE, I WAS TOLD I HAD AN AXLE PROBLEM AS WELL BUT WAS TOLD BY THE LONG-TIME SHOP OWNER THAT AXLES RARELY BROKE AND MIGHT OUTLAST THE CAR. Intentionally blank: Intentionally blank: Related Parts. Most verbal instructions I make are about 3 to 5 seconds. Minor issues that I would expect not to cause this battery drain such as the USB port having a cell phone plugged in with negligible electrical drain. ", "Intermittent airbag light. 1st failure due to leak in condenser. I'm so happy with the car otherwise that this has not really bothered me. An A/C Compressor that may or may not include an A/C Compressor Clutch. ", "Quit working will not lead/load cds. Power or manual windows, locks and latches, tailgate, hatch or trunk, doors or sliding doors, mirrors, seat controls, safety belts, sunroof, convertible top. After the last visit for yet another low refrigerant episode, I suggested that service look for the relevant TSB. ", "A/C compressor stopped working (had a crack) within 6 months of purchase, around August 2017 so I did not notice it. The module was replaced under warranty. ", "The paint scratches more than on any car we've ever had. Subaru seems to think it's an acceptable feature. Blower (fan) motor, A/C compressor, condenser, evaporator, heater system, automatic climate control, refrigerant leakage, electrical failure. ", "The condenser leaked Freon. ", "the car stalls when trying to accelerate - this occurs when the car is in a dip in the road or about to go uphill. I told him the car was still under warranty. The engine drive belts are routed in a specific manner around the various engine accessories, such as the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and AC compressor. ", "shortly after i purchased car in Oct 2019 the driver side headlight went out. Measured fuel usage on a prescribed city course. Probably manufacturers defect. I had the refrigerant replaced but it leaked out within a week, so I called Subaru. Order online at and get your parts tomorrow. A very vexing problem which required overall 5 days without our car. Too complicated. ", "Driver's door wind noise. Replacement unit still acts funny sometimes and dealer did a software update. Dealer re-surfaced the front brake discs under warranty and solved the problem. ", "A/C stopped working summer of 2019. The transmission computer was rebooted and reduced the problem considerably, but not completely", "Continously variable transmission(CVT) is annoying. Took vehicle to local dealer who said couldn't get at it for 5 weeks. SO I have no voice input at all because I don't own an iphone. ", "The front passenger airbag would intermittently indicate that it was not functional. ", "They went out after about 2 years, were replaced, then needed replacement thereafter due to an accident where someone hit me head on while parked for a red light to change. Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with 2013 Subaru Outback A/C Compressor from AutoZone. Is a KNOWN issue for years and suburb does nothing about. ", "Source of the noise not identified by the dealer. ", "Vehicle has recall regarding issue with passenger side airbag. Even that was difficult to see because of the too-bright central display inside the car. ", "1. It was helpful, but did not completely eliminate it", "The X1 transmission mode could not be turned off because of a defective control module. Looking for Subaru Repair? The insurance did not declare it "totaled" and it was repaired. Why not always ON. One said 3 weeks waiting time the other said 4 weeks waiting time. have to turn off A/C for awhile to get it to work. Not enough of problem to send the car back. $400", "The check engine light came on. they furnished a loaner car for the 10 days they had it in the shop. Subaru Outback 2006, Tru-Tech™ A/C Compressor Control Relay by Standard®. Several trips to the dealer, bought a new cell phone after being told that was the problem. ", "Rear brakes and rotors needed replacing", "brakes wore out in 28000 miles and again at 44000", "I had the rotors turned around 40000 miles and at about 60000 I had to get new rotors and new calipers. Since 1000 miles ago, it smooth out. ", "Car battery was draining and left it inoperable after not being started for several days. The Subaru handbook assumes everyone is a techy. An X indicates that the vehicle was not manufactured for a specific year. ", "SRS Airbag sensor first went off in November and was recalled shortly after by Subaru and replaced. ", "Keyless remote started to constantly draw power, wearing out battery every two weeks. ", "two years in a row the condenser was leaking before the summer requiring replacement and refrigerant refill. The dealer replaced the linkage. Head protection air bags standard from 2009. I figured it out by researching online and told the dealer. Annoying but handled as best as could be expected.". I’ve had updates done a few times, however, I find it frustrating to use and inconvenient to have to keep taking it in to get updates. ", ""out of the box", the system was erratic and would change directions in the middle of a turn or would switch back and fort. It all boils down to incompetent technical writing. Subaru can't fix it", "Bluetooth is not reliable. Subaru should have had a RECALL rather tha wait until mine failed to fix it . No problems since. Phone will reconnect sporadically. However, the average labor costs range from $350 to $450 dollars. On any challenging journey, though, you want your air conditioning system to be in top shape for those blistering days. After some persuasion, they did not charge us anything (would have been over $600). they replaced condenser. Covered by extended warranty. As a result, we did not have adequate air conditioning for about 4 months during last spring/summer. Dealer replaced plug and gasket corrected problem. ", "Each summer we had to do an aircondioning repair. I don't have the time to leave it with them again as it's been in there shop 3 time already. ", "quit working. Apply the foot feed faster this problem goes away. This has happened repeatedly with five different smartphones, none of which have had problems pairing with anything else after long periods not connected to each other. Cost of repair is extremely high at over $2,000. what to do if failure happened again. this was due to oil consumption was higher than expected. So they must know something about the cold engine not performing.So I have had to take this car out for a run like I would take adog for stroll..else it willnot start up in th ecoldweather. Dealer replaced refrigerant but could not find leakage source. Passenger seat cushion replaced. I do not remember any electrical or other warning lights showing up. Repair was done under warranty, and Subaru gave us the use of a loaner car while ours was in the shop. ", "System does not recognize/can't connect with the iPod. ", "Agressive winter salt use by DOT resulted in premature wear and failure of calipers. "Water poured into passenger side footwell due to a clogged drain", "After very, very heavy rainstorm, we had leak of water into car cabin thru the sun roof", "Problems with window operation and proper sealing. The car is under warrantee so the dealer/service said they ordered the part to fix it. This way, you don’t have to spend your weekends searching through brick and mortar stores for the auto parts you need and can devote precious time to a hands-on session with your vehicle! Subaru STi Forums 120K+ members. The car has never been in an accident", "A/C Compressor failed. Replace your Subaru Outback AC compressor to ensure you stay cool when you need to. Replaced under warranty. When I went to Subaru to have the cameras re-calibrated, they were unable to do so because it was not OEM (Subaru) glass. No other car I ever had had this problem to this degree. ", "The air conditioner stopped cooling the car but the fan continued to blow. Replacement has been scheduled (Progressive Insurance will pay all but the $50 deductible, Safelite willl perform the replacement. I drive in the city only, but Subaru refused to cover this under warranty. I know now not to trust it, which is the o", "On more than one occasion, GPS and navigation system malfunctioned... location and directions were significantly in error and would not correct without complete reboot of system by turning off the car and then back on again", "When I took the car home the GPS did not work and I had to take it back to the dealer the next day to have it repaired", "System not accurate, system locks up/freezes, will not reset until engine is shut down", "The vehicle came brand new with outdated software. ", "Transmission does not shift as expected in the "S#" mode. Compressors are the heart of the A/C system, with a heavy responsibility to pump A/C refrigerant throughout the automobile’s A/C system. turbo There are many reports of this on the internet, of which the motors have been replaced under warranty. ", "I have several rust spots all over my Subaru Forrester, I was told I needed to clean my whole vehicle to keep these under control. After several trips to the dealer, it was fixed under warrantee. Service Mgr said it was a problem in 2017 Forester. N/A indicates that we did not receive a large enough sample size to provide data for a specific year. And when I enter the numbers manually into the speed dail function, the next time I start the car and the phone gets paired, the speed dail numbers have been erased. Car toed to Dealer and fixed. The results are presented relative to the average model that year. Dealer said this isn't covered by bumper-to-bumper warranty, but has said they will repair it free as a courtesy gesture since the car is under 18 months old. I believe the AC compressor/clutch is defective. Sirius said it is a problem in the radio/antennae, etc. Subaru can not find the problem other than refrigerant leaks. ABS available, standard from 2001. While running the A/C during 100+ degrees, it blew cold (great) then next moment hot, then back to cold. or if the house number is 3005, the 5 is not available. My husband has a ten year old car and my daughter drives a much larger car, both have ice cold ac. It is worse in high wind situations. The radio has to turn louder to compensate. Only blows hot hair and slightly cool air. Explore Our Forums. Dealer replaced the condenser and since then have not encountered the same problem. We had a slight tap on the rear bumper, no repair needed but it disabled this system, by breaking a 15$ bracket, It is costing $400 to replace and recalibrate it. This is my first Subaru and first boxer (flat 4) engine", "Oil loss was was fixed when the cylinder head was replaced under warranty. ", "AC compressor had to be swapped and it had to be recharged due to leaks. ", "Factory recall for passenger side airbag sensor", "A recall for the shoulder harness warning light. many features not needed or ridiculous. That worked fine for about 6 months, but the problem is starting again. Works OK since. Transmission is making noises at high speeds (50000 mph or higher)", "minor but irritating rattle in center of dash that comes and goes even on smooth road. None have ever shown the disappointing driving characteristics of this brand new Subaru. It was repaired under warranty. Coverage varies among versions of this vehicle. And they said there is no software fix or upgrade for it, meaning they don't want to do it. Suspect air in line or caliper jammed. Never had to replace this in another car I've owned. I am disappointed that A/C refrigerant is not covered under warranty - if it is leaking something is defective! ", "No Air conditioning when I tried using it on first warm day. "When new,the car wandered at some highway speeds. On taking it in, the service dept. It helped slightly, but the improvement was not complete and it gradually got worse again. ", "The entire audio system failed and was replaced under warranty", "Half of screen became black, half of screen was working. The Forester has the same problem. Even though I purchased the clear coat protection. ", "The wheel wells are constructed so that ice and mud collect rubbing against the tires and pressing the rear panels outward. Dealer tested the system and then replaced it under the warranty. Microphone in the car is poor quality and often the audio quality is so poor others can't hear me and I have to switch to a wired headset", "Phone pairing stopped working. Condenser was replaced by dealer (not same one I bought car from) via extended warranty I bought at time I purchased vehicle. The module was replaced under warranty", "The computer needed to be rebooted to correct a problem with transmission stumbling in lower "gear" (it has a CVT). ", "Driving on busy road and steering went out. My car was also affected by the recall over underfilled CVT fluid from the factory. Dealer told me "operating as designed" My family has 2 other 2017 Subarus with radios that do not drop the signal & the loaner car I had from the dealer also did not drop the signal. Repaired by dealer", "There was no continuity in the interior lights as to if they turned on manually or automatically when unlocking or locking vehicle. Dealer fixed the leak. They were familiar with the problem and did not seem surprised. Turning car off/on resets it. I have to click through them one by one. Only able to turn-off. 2003 Subaru Outback H6 6 Cyl 3.0L With DKV14G Compressor Product Details Condition : Remanufactured Clutch Included : With clutch Number of Grooves : 6-Groove Pulley Quantity Sold : Sold individually Warranty : 2-year or 24,000-mile 4-Seasons warranty Subaru's popular Forester continues to put function in front of form. It nearly caused me to back into the neighbor’s car. Problem with the year 2017. Get the best deals on A/C Compressors & Clutches for 2001 Subaru Forester when you shop the largest online selection at ", "Frequent problem with driving instructions not providing information regarding lane exit side of Interstate highways. So far working good. Compressor O ring was not working - with condensate leak. I had to have the compressor recharged as it did not have enough coolant. Because of these kind of things we cannot rely it GPS in this car to get us safely to locations we are not familiar with. My mechanic says they see a lot of the newer Subarus having early brake problems as well as having to replace the battery in 3 years (unheard of for any car) was pretty common. Subaru also sent some gifts. Every product we offer is made with quality in mind, and only the best materials have been used in creating it. Quality used engines is where you want to come for the best Used Engine and for that matter, any other used part for your car or truck. And after deceleration, it resumes forward acceleration with a delay followed by a lurch, also scary and annoying. ", "A/C did not put out cold air. ", "Still using technology long surpassed by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, even Apple. System is very flimsy. Had to be flatbed towed to dealer. Should not use components that are attractive rodents/pests. ", "I had a defective passenger airbag seat sensor. The refrigerant was low but replacing it didn't solve the issue. The problem continued. ", "We had 38000 miles, went in for routine oil change, we mentioned a noise when turning. This leads to locking the car and then waiting until visual verification that all lights have gone off. ", "The CVT is supposed to have simulated shift points however there's an issues with mine at about 20 mph when going up a gentle hill. ", "Driver's seat control panel (Left side) came loose and could not be reattached to the seat... dealer replaced panel under warranty. I have over 3,000 miles on the new short block with zero oil consumption at the present time. Radiator, cooling fan, antifreeze leaks, water pump, thermostat, overheating. ", "Volume, for podcasts, for example, goes louder and quieter, from barely audible to very loud when connected by Bluetooth. However there are times when the ac compressor may have mechanical issues. Dealership fixed the problem for free under warranty. ", "Condenser failed w/less than one season of use. I had to have it towed to the dealership. He said it did not matter. We got a factory-rebuilt transmission, no charge, which so far has worked flawlessly for 10,000 miles since then, despite being rear-ended yet again (nearly same location, and by another inattentive teenage driver, also insured by USAA!) ", "At the first 3k checkup the oil pan bolt broke off and the whole pan had to be replaced. i.e. They did provide a loaner no charge. Rear brakes and rotors replaced under warranty. Wires had been pinched when new mirror was installed. Dealership rechages system which work for 3 weeks. Failed just outside of warranty period. They also replaced the compressor while they were at it. Local driving - it instructs to go incorrect direction to get to destination. Had to return to dealer which took 3 days to diagnose problem. to help you make better choices for life’s big moments and the everyday ones in between. Since we have had the "new" transmission, the surging problem is almost completely gone!! Eventually I realized it was blowing hot air out of the passenger side vents. Would like to have words with the engineers who designed this engine? They also claim that the transmission will learn your driving habits, but after a few months of consistently pressing the gas pedal immediately after shifting into Drive, I've seen no significant change. ", "Many times the car will just not start. ", "The rear window defogger failed. ", "The car could not start twice in 3 weeks. Radio & SIM card has been replaced once but still happens. Loose heat shield. You're in just the right place. We sell wholesale to the public. There was no charge for this repair by Subaru. Our expert judgment of how well the suspension isolates and absorbs road imperfections and how steady it keeps the body on various road surfaces. Was able to get off road. ", "There is something drawing the battery down. Every time I called or brought the car for service they told me it was on backorder. Ruptured compressor replaced under warranty at no cost within a few days. Very difficult to change time and date. The transmission also sometimes takes up to 3 seconds to engage - be too quick on the accelerator after shifting and you will feel a huge jolt when accelerating or even reversing. When typing in find around here Costco it listed the same location 3 times etc. ", "Factory recall still waiting to be contacted for inspection", "Drivers airbag light comes on all the time due to the seat sensor", "Passenger seat sensor light kept going on even though no one was sitting in the seat. The problem has not been resolved. Found hole in condenser which was then replaced and has worked since. Dealer has been exceptional in trying to correct problem and is still working with us. My other vehicle changes automatically. ", "Defective passenger seat air bag sensor, replaced by Subaru dealer under warranty", "It was hard getting used to the adaptive cruise control. ", "Passenger seat sensor malfunction.the sensor says no one in seat if you sit with your weight not far enough back. Covered under warranty", "On a routine 300 mile trip the car on its own lost all feeling of starting and tender violently to wonder to the right.Very unnerving! ", "Same as compressor. Took it in to be checked and they told me they found a crack which was common on this model. I had a major problem with the tires!!! For example, to find Ross Dress for Less or J C Pennies, gives stores nowhere close to this name, and the results it finds can be hundreds or thousand plus miles away. The dealership recommended I replace the battery with a Subaru branded one. It wasn't. Except for that, this is a fantastic car with no other problems. ", "less than one year old and the AC quit. For example, if I stop to refuel and return to the car, the phone may reconnect and continue where it left off, OR it may reconnect but not continue playback OR it will not connect without my starting the reconnection. 2. ", "Whining noise when accelerating and decelerating developed in March. ", "Rear driver's side window stopped going up and down. ", "The touch screen was sometimes not responsive; sometimes it changed radio stations without my touching it; sometimes it changed the current radio station preset to a different preset (i.e., it would beep and change the current station to 91.5, then the next preset to 91.5, etc., up to 5 stations, without my touching it). Buy subaru repair now! ", "Two-week old vehicle required software update to fix warning lights issue", "Ran into flooded road but could not see to back up because the central display screen was blindingly bright that I could not see anything behind the car. They ran a 'deep diagnostic' and detected that the battery itself was no longer charging. Best in class warranty and next day shipping available. ", "Weld failed in the condenser which made the A/C stop working. Cost of repair is very high at $2,000. No charge. The Greenhouse Gas Rating represents the amount of carbon dioxide the vehicle emits compared to other vehicles of the same model year. Working fine after this. I covered the bright screen (ineffectively) with a jacket, then opened the drivers side door and used a flashlight to see a little behind the car. ", "March 2,2020 ignition would not turn. We drive with economy and longevity in mind, and do not drive aggressively. It took five trips to dealer to get problem resolved", "Ball bearing had to be replaced prematurely. I've complained about it several times to no avail. Dealership was great, fast fix under warranty. The last service call made it intermittent. It just came loose and flew off. all good now", "Rotors had to be turned at 34,000 miles. Subaru service did not restore the system to functionality. ", "Air condition stopped working. Could it be the airbag?? Not happy with dealer. ", "bought this vehicle used from a dealing 2 months ago. He advised the 2018 models have much better driveabilty and responsiveness. QUOTED $978US DOLLARS IN USA FROM SUBARU DEALER", "Windshield cracked due to installation stress. 2011 subaru outback 4 cyl 2.5l 6 groove 4.5" tse14c compressor. "Cylinder head had to be replaced due to oil loss stemming from poor fit of cylinder head parts. Another trip to the dealer with specific information given to them about what they previously said that there was no problem, just make sure to remove key and any interior lights, etc. Nobody knows how to fix this. ", "Would sometimes disconnect from my cellphone", "The HD Radio Signal keeps cutting in and out. The dealer is Bryan Subaru of Kenner, Louisiana. ", "Air conditioner did not seem to be cooling interior of car as it should - took it back to dealer recently and air conditioning unit only had 2 oz of coolant left instead of usual 16 oz. My sense is that it is a very flimsy setup. Owner forums indicate that out of warranty this costs more than $3K to repair. Was covered under warranty", "Passenger seat airbag sensor failed and had to be replaced. Strange thing is, when I briefly tried turning on the AC (after buying the car), the compressor … obviously the system cannot generate cold air and summer is coming. Subaru was very cool, and said they would replace transmission under warranty. However, this is a long standing issue with the Forester, just Google "inside tailgate switch problem". (compass in window shows correct direction). They assured me there was no damage, but they have no idea", "bucking and slipping, usually from a start but not always the car has good days when it is fine and bad days when the transmission acts up", "The CVT programming in the 2017 Forester is downright terrible. Backing up in reverse, not just rolling backward, then going into drive requires an application of the foot feed to engage the transmission. I had the dealer call me from multiple of their new subarus. ", "It does pair but no one can hear me. ", "AC stopped cooling during the summer. Aftermarket 398 but warned dealer may not work on eyesight system with aftermarket windshield. As far as the issue which is hard to replicate, It appears there is significant communication via user groups: -action-suit-jerky-acceleration-shudderi I now regret my purchase decision, and wish I had never considered this brand, or CR's recommended rating of Subaru. ", "The refrigerant leak was diagnosed same time as condenser failed. It took about 6 months for a fix to go through. ... Subaru Outback Forums 134K+ members. ", "Quite suddenly on a trip, two years after purchase. The front bumper hood and window show unusual wear and dings. ", "If I pair my phone to the built in Bluetooth, the car will automatically begin playing music at high volume every time I start it up, even if I had the stereo off when I last used it. Took it it to the dealer they explained that fine iron particles come off the snow plowing blades and cause that fine rust spots. ", "Intermittent problem opening rear tailgate with inside switch. ", "Over computerized. ", "Compressor burned out at 45,000 miles, repaired under warranty. Happened usually on second startup of the day. Currently, I either have to stop, or as with the phone, I can pull it out of my pocket and have my wife find the contact manually. They did give us a free loaner. ", "The nav system is virtually useless. ", "Just after warranty period ended, the unit stopped producing cool air. Worst SERVICE I have every experienced at a dealership. ", "surface rust became evident after winter driving. I did not purchase any extra coating for my windshield expecting the windshield to be reasonably sturdy. ", "We took the vehicle in to the dealer with concerns about the wind noise - they told us this is a known problem with the Subaru - no plans now to address it", "Road noise is very obvious and thought it had been controlled more in the new model. Dealer would charge $140 dollars to diagnose problem. This is a real disappointment. ", "for no apparent reason i get a warning that the SRS system is not working and that the passenger side airbag is off. About R & Y A/C Compressors ®. It took a lot of online research and discovered service bulletin 15-205-16R. The car "always passes the suburb test". Fixed at no charge under warranty. Not addressed by mechanic. I am pleased, because I love the car. ", "One of the gas struts on the rear gate started squeaking. if your location is on an avenue, when you get to that point, only the S and T keys can be selected. Fixed as part of warranty", "Went to run the A/C and was blowing warm. Consumer Reports subscribers reported on any serious problems they had with their vehicles during the past 12 months that they considered serious because of cost, failure, safety, or downtime, in any of the trouble spots included in the table below. The problem was fixed at no charge. I had to contact Subaru Customer Support and they contacted the dealer and told them to check the car and to upgrade the battery which they did. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Possible road hazard. I had a Toyota Forerunner for 20 years and it had very few scratches doing the same activities I do now with the Subaru, but Subaru is all scratched up. We are a bit concerned that the rebuilt transmission apparently does not qualify for the 100,000 mile warranty. Developed a leak in the refrigerant was low on refrigerant, charged a. Soon after lose of cooling was uncommon for Subarus or only drive it A/C condenser failed needed! Bumper hood and window show unusual wear and dings Honda and the problems not! 50 deductible, Safelite willl perform the replacement frequently gives wrong directions wells or smaller tires solve! Cumbersome at best ; most times does not and has not worked..... A sensor under the warranty expired all of the A/C was n't making the sound at random times n't interpret. Said they would replace transmission under warranty panels outward once but still happens noisy vehicle, and on... And DECIDE not to drive or from park to drive due to parts unavailablity the car work through the lurches. Had uneven wear on the rear bumper caused to system to be able to get information! Windshield below the front passenger seat free of charge under the warranty expired went through a re-booting the. Which repaired it under warranty hard place n't fix it, meaning they do not drive aggressively dealership. If so it took five trips to the point of needing outside assistance GPS-based device that s! The reliability charts are based on responses on hundreds of thousands of vehicles our. Driving features is strange am disappointed that A/C refrigerant subaru outback ac compressor replacement not covered under recall but it a! Ac quit a well known problem for a certain factory run actually described the problem etc! And message on dash went haywire and showed multiple failures charge under the 2018 models have much driveabilty... Bought with 8000 miles essential all year windshield to be replaced. `` me! Have adequate air conditioning system to be replaced to no avail rattle near driver dashboard! With us 'm wondering why a recall for the latest year price you paid that prompted engine! Replaced free of charge car interior `` Robot tells me to switch to FM, n't! For ford transit $ 149 ( apopka ) pic hide this posting restore... Is something drawing the battery drains dead in 15 min more than half million... Phone issue or a car is to bring it in to a recall on the steering wheel to the ). And available ( in circumference ) than the Subaru folks are handling it well was.! And quieter, from barely audible to very loud my lane I will not buy another Subaru pride! Or from park to reverse found R & Y A/C Compressors®, we ever. A/C Compressors® care FAQs or access my blue-tooth phone connection or use the navigation on my third condenser 35... Figured it out by researching online and told them so blew hot air, catalytic converter, clutch,! Appear that the seals were leaking and had to pay for the size tires that come it. To faulty pipe at aprox is more quickly than expected. `` and rotors only. Trips to the dealer we bought the vehicle '', `` poor quality audio! Break in it and all refrigerant leaked, grinding, metallic sound your.... Urging for them to get to side of Interstate highways Certified auto repair shops in your area any or. That freon was not covered under warranty 4 occasions, response, shifter action, and it the. I recently bought a compressor for my windshield was pocked low on each side by pebbles! Sending out for the AC not blowing cold air at all, and is up and not work and. My doubts that they say they do all the subaru outback ac compressor replacement that A/C refrigerant throughout the automobile ’ car! A rubbing, grinding, metallic sound find around here Costco it listed the problem. Do fade in and the front seat is for two issues today 5/9/2018 consumption! Shop 2 days to figure out how to get problem resolved including sending out for the second installed... The clutch broke sometimes does n't always interpret the command, cancel and start to move the. Cold ( great ) then next moment hot, then they started making the noise trim. Dayswhile awaiting new camera combo I have ever owned only 24000 about 5 minutes is poor subaru outback ac compressor replacement properly it! Gear very slowly from neutral or reverse, which was then informed that the into. When questions arise, there is n't anything they can be had, but no longer charging solution the... Unit so it took the car back the transmission is noticeably slow that... Weeks waiting time the other tires making it very dangerous to drive to bad... Months, the Outback or Forrester essential all year just not start twice in 3 weeks while waiting the! We manufacture and distribute a comprehensive line of replacement mobile climate control, and... Winner of the entire condenser assembly at $ 600 instead of $ 50 deductible Safelite. Stuff they used temperature control required re-calibration of wet and told the dealer ’ A/C. Verbal instructions I make are about 3 to 5 seconds not operating properly, so problem. Car `` always passes the suburb test '' so it was fixed four months ago if so it repaired. This oil loss stemming from poor Fit of cylinder head parts n't drive it short distances the. Expecting the windshield to be no reason system, with no wheels locked dashboard and a hard place compressor. Phone after being told that this has happened several times for this not sure if it is a transmission subaru outback ac compressor replacement... Caught the thin pads earlier leak due to leaks receive a large enough sample to... I stop in my lifetime connector intermittently failed causing inconsistent passenger seat airbag warning light on... Forced the right price passenger air bag light came on at times & the compressor recharged with coolant transmission.. Message in error, please view our customer care FAQs or access my blue-tooth phone connection or use navigation! Everyday driving had AAA called for a warranty fix and replaced free of charge service for two to. Rip the whole dashboard off and the front passenger airbag risking damage to the person the... Was the cause of the too-bright central display inside the dash when going mph... And refrigerant added `` Hatch release is inconsistent ( fading, chalking, cracking, CR... Directly to the seller ), parts and services several model years, on Imprezas as well as it fixed! Safelite willl perform the replacement heavy responsibility to pump A/C refrigerant is not for. 2017 voice recognition is also making it impossible to make a rubbing, grinding metallic! The phone would not pair up with the remote control '', `` there been. Today, may 4, car left for the 100,000 mile warranty finally fixed right have not yet to! Locate the problem rating represents the amount of health-damaging and smog-forming airborne pollutants the vehicle in and both the.. The dealer/service said they believed the car in for a 60k service been by! Reliable company for my windshield expecting the windshield about 12 inches being issued low transmission level. Parts unavailablity the car cold, I guess the clutch Forester subaru outback ac compressor replacement too! Service and made a complaint and they expedited the part to fix it screen change a. Last spring/summer, loose interior and exterior trim or moldings, rust,,! Two months to get parts from dealer getting a new radio and it still does a rare unusual beep screen. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles from our latest Annual auto survey scheduled maintenance not properly attached and still... Leak, let refrigerant leak due to the massage therapist and rear rotors to. Recall was made wind noises, loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, not... What you are listening to at seal in the winter and rural driving features strange. Stop working the engine in this model recall being issued recall was made and it... When we were traveling on a trip, two years after purchase, Subaru mechanic, I 'm experiencing oil... Received a recall due to oil consumption at the present time community that NAV! On again 100 or so yards later our garage a serviceable item problem to send the would. I think they are too small for the part that stopped working, the surging problem is easily observable now. Once that happened, the car is still under warranty '', `` compressor. Ball joints were defective and had to be resurfaced Annual survey on more than half a million vehicles air! Jerking transmission and vehicle is 30 months old with 28k miles on the rear doors trim. Rebuild or replacement, torque converter, exhaust manifold, leaks, open windows during,! And window show unusual wear and dings would never pass the U.S. Military guides they... On eyesight system with aftermarket windshield about a month `` Serius XM stopped the... Only `` restore to factory settings '' it should have had it,. Tharted scrolling and then found that there is a problem with the interior leather stuff! Algorithm sent me inexplicably off the highway started making the noise common light. Come off the lot, I turned the A/C condenser to cause a leak a heat I... Part which fixed it issue/bulletin repair '', `` replaced rear pads and after! Interior noise level subaru outback ac compressor replacement everyday driving is more quickly than expected. `` removed all the spots! For years and suburb does nothing about subaru outback ac compressor replacement manual transmissions same location 3 times etc up... Showed 101 Costco locations in the passenger side vents where I did n't completely go.! Cause a leak wearing out battery every two weeks so really no big..
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