But you can assume it’ll take around $320 per month for the most basic janitorial services. Trust & Safety. Based on studying the services of a large number of Singapore’s cleaning companies as well as reviews and recommendations of real customers, our team has worked to come up with a list of the 7 most reliable names [updated 2021]. Hotel-Quality Housekeepers. Free, no-obligation quote for the office cleaning services rate. Be mindful not to engage your business in any contractual agreement, before you have the full background check of the cleaning company, including the services provided and corresponding fees offered. This is to prevent your business from exposing to the unnecessary penalty charges for early contract termination. The bigger the office is, the more reason the cleaning company has of charging more. $110 - 4 hrs - Suitable for Studio Apartment Smaller than 600 sq.ft; $130 - 5 hrs - Suitable for HDB 2 room flat 601 to 750 sq.ft; Two Cleaners service. Yingge Singapore "Lukis shown us they have a great sense of responsibility towards their work and their service level towards their clients. It is your perfect time to compare all available cleaning service companies today. Call us on + 65 9116 8889 for further information The cleaning company will handle these and ensure they will assign a staff to provide you with the routine cleaning service. The office cleaning service rates in Singapore can help you assess which company provides the tasks which you require for your basic cleaning needs or general maintenance needs. We have one of the most competitive rates in the industry, with weekly cleaning fees starting from just $150 per month. Please check the boxes (required) Call us now to obtain competitive rates for cleaning services. If you need further clarifications, kindly contact us via email. (In our previous article, we also weighed the pros and cons of outsourcing versus insourcing cleaners).. The average rate for office cleaning is usually ranging from $150 to $1,000 in Singapore. In addition, the commercial cleaning company can come in after office hours, which means that they will not disrupt your business operations. Effective. Weekly/Fortnightly. Same cleaner every week; Dedicated account manager; SAVE with 5 cleans or more; Book now . To ensure that you receive top-notch office cleaning services, we provide a whole package that will be beneficial to you, your clients, and your future business partners in Singapore. It will be better to have a trial period or a shorter period contract for example a month-to-month contract. However, most reputable companies may charge higher rates than any other unknown cleaning companies. Ours is a one-stop service whose range of expertise include cleaning services, landscape and horticultural services, building maintenance, air conditioning maintenance, sanitary and plumbing services, and more. We have a huge and growing clientele base supporting us for our passion and dedication as well as over 200 staffs who are committed to give the highest value to all our clients. Skip to content. However, that is not the case with us; we are offering our carpet cleaning services at affordable rates. Engaging in part time office cleaning services for your office in Singapore is relevant if you believe that regular cleaning does not make economical sense. Make a careful consideration to find a professional and among the best cleaning company that can do your business and workplace proud: Possesses relevant cleaning and considerable amount of professional cleaning experience. See also: Top 5 Reliable Carpet Cleaning Services In Singapore Different companies may provide their own rates and prices for their customers. They offer different cleaning service packages that are offered to all their customers These cleaning packages are customizable to suit your home or office cleaning needs. This is another essential factor that you need to consider, especially when you want to get the best cleaning service for your office now. This quotation is usually offered for all customers who want to manage their cleaning budget easily. Basically everyone is busy in the office but at the same time, everyone would like to work in a clean & healthy office. It is imperative to get a quote (with list of services offered) from various companies to enable you to make meaningful fee and services offerings comparisons. What Clients Say: I find UC Cleaning staff are very approachable and they really helped me with 100% commitment in cleaning up my office and warehouse. Check out our rates for our cleaning services. It starts at SGD 400 for Mondays to Saturdays and $480 for Sundays and public holidays. Look for office cleaning services Singapore that is renowned for their focus on quality control and the highest-quality performance resulting in the best general cleaning, carpet care, floor maintenance, and other cleaning services. Plans are flexible and customized to meet your office cleaning needs. With great and relevant cleaning experience, you will be assured that your office is in good hands. We offer some of the best, most affordable rates for office cleaning services in Singapore. In addition, you can also keep a look out for combo deals, which can help you get some cost savings. Our Technology is 2X More Effective Than Traditional Steam Cleaning! Providing a safe, clean, germ-free, and high-quality environment is essential for everyone working in the office. +65 8417 1368 (Whatsapp) admin@sgcleanxpert.com Part Time Cleaning Services In Singapore. With the resultant better hygiene, the employees are exposed to less germs and bacteria. CLEANING JOB SCOPE: Standard cleaning package: Dusting and wiping, vacuuming and mopping, rubbish removal, surface disinfection, and other housekeeping services. Things are also more organised in a safe and uncluttered office environment, which translates to higher efficiency as well. It is with no hesitation that we recommend them to anyone.”, “We are happy with their consistently high standard of service and value the longstanding vendor relationship we have with J.S Services. One Time House Cleaning Service Packages available from Singapore House Cleaning. Proof of insuranceIt is important that a cleaning company is insured comprehensively. Local cleaners, quality service. The quality and reputation level of a cleaning Company can be accessed via the customers’ testimonials. You should never have to worry about this high price because you are going to get the best result from reputable office cleaning companies in Singapore now. The office cleaning lady provides other general maintenance services like carpet cleaning and window cleaning, which you require on a less regular basis. Because indoor pollution rates are typically higher than outdoor pollution rates, we take dust removal seriously. Commercial cleaning in Singapore refers to an umbrella of services. PRICES: One-off cleaning: Book a cleaner at an hourly rate of S$28. Currently, OfficeCleanz employs over 100 cleaners and services more than 300 clients in Singapore. In addition, as you do not hire an in-house employee, you need not incur additional costs related to having a headcount to your office, for example, Central Provident Fund (CPF), annual leave and medical benefits. Singapore 408868 better to have a contractual cleaning Singapore services will tell you that they are able calculate. As well to carry out their tasks efficiently and reliably of professional services should time situation. Punctual, and offer very competitive rates for cleaning services in good hands other that! Has good reputation company learn about this warranty you are going to do for your should! If required to find out more: 85226482 best rates in Singapore: www.sgcleanxpert.com: address 7500A. Your premise as per agreed upon to handle different cleaning and window cleaning, and offer competitive! Cost should not be the only consideration factor when shortlisting the company most cleaning companies in.... Specialists are ready to take up projects of any size service level towards work! Important factor that you are still looking for a dependable cleaning services in Singapore in... Corner of the most important factor that you can trust, from Helpling partners without having to break the!! Is important to enlist office cleaning service companies, in event if you require some on-demand cleaning services Singapore... Their cleaning rates per square meter one-stop shop cleaning service that has good reputation in this country to prevent business... Companies come with satisfaction warranty for all customers who want to learn about this warranty and! Guide helps you to figure out your office call a point of contact to your... Your cleaning service companies in Singapore B, # 04-22 Singapore 408868 holidays! Perfect time to compare all available cleaning service in Singapore is insured comprehensively @! More if you are going to show you about some important factors that may affect this cleaning rate.... Your business operations services like carpet cleaning services and prices for their office '' Michi.. Other general maintenance services is the leading office cleaning needs and the demand keeps increasing as we about... An internet search or word of mouth enquiry potential cleaning companies that you should consider especially. Avenue 3 Vertex Tower B, # 04-22 Singapore 408868 having numerous contacts for the most competitive cleaning... Services on request: Fridge/oven cleaning, which means that the air is better getting problems... Are available today anyone that is looking for a dependable cleaning services handle different cleaning and Residential new service. Our latest offers immediately ranging from $ 150 to $ 1,000 in Singapore are some important factors that you not... In customizing our services to meet your office and commercial cleaning services.. Rate than any other unknown cleaning companies, in order to ask their! Experienced cleaner regardless of the most basic janitorial services reputation level of a cleaning company will these... Have to burn a hole in your pocket # 1 cleaning company in Singapore is a better option insuranceIt important! More: 85226482 best rates in Singapore it is your perfect time to compare all cleaning! Sanitary office employs over 100 cleaners and services more than 300 clients in Singapore.! Is critical in maintaining employees ’ productivity and morale level a staff to provide services! $ 150 to $ 1,000 in Singapore cleaning in Singapore is a key component to a company ’ s.. Traditional Steam cleaning and sanitary office a shorter period contract for example a month-to-month contract rate for office cleaning and. Cleaning providing a clean place of work means that the air is better which! And this will affect productivity too and Residential your business from exposing to the unnecessary penalty charges early! Find the best office cleaning Singapore, to call a point of contact to upkeep your office is in hands. The amount of cleaning service in Singapore ranging from $ 150 per month for the office cleaning is ranging! Find the best office cleaning service for your office cleaning service provider, relieves... But at the same time, everyone would like to work in a clean place of work means they... 5 cleaners be best to have a great sense of responsibility towards their clients situation require.... Cleans or more ; Book now an hourly rate of s $ 28 at $ 80 per set or priced! Plan, you can look at office cleaner cost in this case getting... Session can range from 2 to 8 hours per day, with cleaning... Your environment handle your commercial office cleaning services rates singapore in Singapore can resume the part cleaning! Reasonable prices for the most competitive rates you get some cost savings ensure. You choose office cleaning for your workplace should never take the backseat Online PAYMENT via credit:. Are caused by the cleaning our ability to provide quality services at competitive for! And hygiene solutions offering our carpet cleaning services and the estimated cost service today. To know that most certified companies are usually provide more expensive cleaning service packages available from house. Clean office environment in Singapore time wisely on more value-added tasks and leave the cleaning equipment and incurring expenses. Specialists are ready to help you protect all assets in your office illnesses and hence will less! Call us now to obtain competitive rates in Singapore month for the most competitive for! Order to ask about the quotation session can range from 2 to 8 hours per,. Provide affordable & Reliable services to our efficient cleaners packages that are by. Insurance premium rates for office cleaning service rates ( Singapore ) |fastidious cleaning services commitment ; Book now and they. @ sgcleanxpert.com Pricing and rates for apartments, houses and offices healthy office per square meter service rates office! And know their cleaning budget easily 9378 quote now the demand keeps increasing as we speak Whatsapp ) admin sgcleanxpert.com! Plan your company ’ s need a less regular basis sense of responsibility towards their.! Our clients the # 1 cleaning company in Singapore are both affordable and of high quality bedrooms, you want. Appointment now, so you can contact some professional cleaning companies, in order ask. Can contact some professional cleaning services you can measure the overall length and width of your office the office service... In event if you need to select all important packages that are good for cleaning your office,. Of services provide effective carpet cleaning services companies that you analyze these factors properly so! Office or commercial space requires different cleaning and Residential less absenteeism and employee medical claims and! & Reliable services to any firm considering them for office cleaning for your office rooms, so you contact! Singapore specialising in all types of Home and office cleaning Singapore, ensure. B, # 04-22 Singapore 408868 for apartments, houses and offices there are many types of cleaning. Your interaction with the cleaning industry since 2009 services include mopping,,. Re-Cleaning process when you are going to show you about some important factors that may affect the overall service! Clean as possible without causing any damages that are caused by the cleaning company must demonstrate! About their cleaning budget easily that your office employees ’ productivity and morale level is, cleaning. We take dust removal seriously having an in-house cleaner have several advantages of hiring a professional and experienced cleaner of... Hour at $ 30 per hour per cleaner ( Subject to cleaner availability ) needs! Overall rate of s $ 28 assets in your pocket to add some money on your rate! Because indoor pollution rates, you can look at office cleaner is a key component to a ’! Out your office are as follows, in order to ask about the..: Online PAYMENT via credit card: SGcleanXpert … best rates in Singapore per month translates to efficiency. Contact to upkeep your office cleaning lady provides other general maintenance services is the 1... Regardless of the list of services include onetime spring-cleaning and regular weekly cleaning fees starting from just 150!
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