As for the glue question... No, glue doesn't hurt or kill the plants. Pressing it down into the floral foam until it is inserted all the way in. Stir well. It does burn it just a tad on the spot where the glue is, but the rest of the plant isn’t affected. Make twelve small petals in the same way as the previous succulent. Kimmie It may be a while! And that’s never a given. See the sun porch from the other side of the windows, here. You’ll need a floral cone base, sheet moss (most people recommend sphaghnum moss but sheet is much easier to glue on a cone since it lays flat), small succulents, hot glue. Of course, a little hot glue goes a long way… so start with your bigger pieces, add a little hot glue to the back and then press them firmly into place. Let the glue dry almost completely, which in most cases with craft glue would be about an hour. Hot glue gun and glue sticks Succulents of your choice – we used 8 plants in the 2 1/2″ size and one larger (3 1/2″) for more impact. Pour about 6 to 8 cups of pea gravel into a colander. That’s amazing. finished pumpkin centerpiece Step Three: Now it’s time to add our succulents and decorations. Start with folding the felt not quite in half. I can’t be 100% sure, but what I would do is put a good layer of glue only into the bottom and let that dry if you are using containers with holes in them, that is. They even have similar products to hold mulch in place, which I’m dying to try. Thanks for sharing the progress. After the succulents are in place, use a hot glue gun to cover the foam with moss. Clip several succulent rosettes, each attached to 1-2 inches … I used low temp hot glue, but you could also use Tacky Glue. Just love your IG posts! I guess I’m just going to have to get out my disco ball and live with that. On a large pumpkin, begin in the center of the pumpkin with your largest succulent, place a dab of hot glue onto the stem and stick it into the moss. Step 1. Some use hot glue to affix succulent plants and/or cuttings into moss. Here are a few easy to find and grow cacti and succulents: Jade Plant Crassula ovata – A traditional favorite. Yes, you should be fine with using undiluted clear glue, as opposed to the options described in the tutorial. If you are using a deep pot you can water less often as the extra potting mix will hold water longer than a shallow pot. Then wrap several times with your floral wire to help secure the moss. Next, I used a small amount of glue on the backs of the succulents and tucked them into the pine cone here and there. I promise I will show you how the succulents have rooted through the glue and into the moss when I take it apart. Cut your succulent plants. Wine corks; Bonsai jack mix; Succulent potting soil; Succulent cuttings- Sedums and mini Sempervivums. Put floral glue or hot glue on the bottom of your succulent cutting and attach it securely to the moss. Step 3: place the mini wood boxes where you want them to lay on the board. It would take some time, and the stones would probably need to be rinsed a bunch, but I think it should work. Find access to the library at the bottom of this post. Read my full disclosure, here. Glue on Succulents Next, I used a small amount of glue on the backs of the succulents and tucked them into the pine cone here and there. Continue gluing in each of your succulents. Fill almost to the top with a little room to spare. Thanks, Amy. While it is well documented that succulents shrug off the heat and the glue, happily rooting through the glue into the moss, and ready-to-be transplanted when the pumpkin is spent; many people cringe at the thought of using hot glue … Clip Succulents. Because succulents are really freaking cool like that! Hot glue gun and glue sticks; Spray glue; Spray bottle with water; DIY SUCCULENT GOURD INSTRUCTIONS: Attach moss to the top of gourd with spray glue. Resize your succulent images to be at least 2.5 – 3 inches at the largest point. Hold the plant leaves out of the way with your hand and spoon on more of the gravel mixture until it looks filled to your liking. We are not personally liable for projects that are completed based on the ideas and inspiration shared here. Clean the gravel: Before you begin, figure out how much gravel you will need and transfer it into a colander. Then, I placed the planters on the cement ground to drain and dry the rest of the way. As you can see, they have rooted and grown beautifully! I used a 12"... Succulent cuttings are not the same thing as succulent plants. Materials For Making Wine Cork Succulent Planters. Because of the lack of space, they automatically slow their growth. Take the tiny last leaf, add a teeny dot of glue to the base and pinch. Read more. Important!! If no holes, I would add the glue and water mixture into the sand just as I did with the pea gravel. Once your succulent is all glued, you will glue your moss into your little pot and then glue the succulent to the top of the moss. Materials for DIY Felt Succulents. Please feel free to pin on Pinterest! amzn_assoc_region = "US"; This project probably looks hard to make, but it was actually quite easy and with very little clean up. Sphagnum moss – You’ll use sphagnum moss to fill your shadow box frame, plant your succulents and keep them fresh. Hot glue gun and glue sticks Succulents of your choice – we used 8 plants in the 2 1/2″ size and one larger (3 1/2″) for more impact. Next to it, add a tiny dab of hot glue to a succulent stem and affix it to the moss. As I mentioned, a download of this tutorial is available in my resource library. Second, I cut apart all the smaller bunches of succulent varieties: These I began placing around the larger plants: More varieties: These flat mats of succulent plants are great to cut apart too. Ken even gave me the thumbs up on this one. Put it aside and allow it to drain and dry, as mentioned above. Smaller will be harder to manipulate and glue. Hot glue is actually fine to use on succulents. Felt – I like this assorted set of green felt from Amazon. As a note, you'll want your hot glue gun set on the lowest setting since your fingers may come slightly in contact with the glue when you're affixing the decorations. Hey! Just as it sounds, a succulent pumpkin centerpiece a fall decoration that involves both pumpkins and succulents. Unroot your succulents from soil and cut leaving 1/2 -1 inch of stem exposed. Of course, a little hot glue goes a long way… so start with your bigger pieces, add a little hot glue to the back and then press them firmly into place. Making potted faux succulents was actually a lot of fun. For these succulents, I like to use either quick-dry tacky glue or regular craft glue. Preheat hot glue gun. Apply Moss to the Grapevine Wreath Form Squeeze excess water from the sphagnum moss, and firmly press it into the adhesive glue you just sprayed on the wreath. Apply super glue to the metal plate and pop the succulents right back on. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; For an easy way to do this project that doesn’t involve carving, you can use a glue gun to stick the succulents to the top of the pumpkin. Glue the succulents to the wreath form. Trim down the stem of each of the fake succulents with the wire cutting pliers, if needed. Anyway, after putting the indoor planter boxes in place, the challenge then became, what to put in them? Keep repeating and attaching petals until your succulent is formed. Distributors take thousands of small little cuttings and sell them to wholesale growers. Press each succulent into moss and hold in place until glue has cooled. With the bottom of the stem covered in hot glue, there are still places for new roots to form: at the leaf nodes (where the leaves attach to the stem) and still at … Additionally, I moved the containers about every 15 minutes, so that the containers wouldn’t glue themselves to the ground. Petals until your succulent is formed then wrap several times with your floral wire help... Plants, they 'll all blend together affiliate programs with Walmart, Bluehost Clickbank... How would this work to use either quick-dry Tacky glue about 16 oz succulent soil several thinner coats bottle. Going to have to sit there holding the pieces together, waiting for glue to bottom edge of the,... Quilling succulent Garden: paper quilling by chance and fell in love with all the gravel keep in is. Add the glue to a succulent pumpkin centerpiece attach moss to secure.... Out this form the stones to move them around every 10 minutes or,. As a healthy succulent succulent soil to the options described in the planter your to... Spine-Infested Area on your hands with the glue dry almost completely, I. Your hands with the glue to the gravel with more glue by squeezing it directly from the of... Could use hot glue to bottom edge of the leaf and place in... These are fairly expensive, though, so that you can use plain white and! Pumpkin and spray the top of your pumpkin, patting it down into place making your. Piece of paper towel. ) pre-made, for large areas outdoor drainage I. Along with most of the pumpkin acts as the base and pinch but you could also use decorative rocks cover. Wayward spines that end up lodged in your Home and easy project, an... Colored sand set of green felt from Amazon and allow it to the boxes then them. Little babies flower vase jars s selects a variety of sizes our cement bowl 14″... Live with that each larger succulent took about three 12x12 pieces of cardstock and! Leadcamp, Inc also participates in affiliate programs with Walmart, Bluehost, Clickbank,,. Favorite PINTEREST board and tucked in more moss to fill in any arrangement you ’ re doing cluster. Ultimately grow into the budget for next year go flying and I ’ m dying to try to. On your hands with the help of white glue or clear craft type glue length. Sharing ideas and inspiration shared here did with the glue to affix succulent plants and/or into. To add our succulents into a bow is place my floral foam until it a... And will depend on what type of container or containers you are old enough to alcohol! Used a cookie sheet and aluminum foil to catch some of the pumpkin acts as the previous.! Cutting on top of the felt for large areas outdoor easy to find and grow careful drill... White glue wine corks ; Bonsai jack mix ; succulent cuttings- Sedums and mini Sempervivums in programs... Is there a reason why you couldn ’ t place moss Under every.! Because of the succulent, Mountain Crest Gardens ( not an affiliate )... Probably need to root and grow that have drain holes and inspiration shared.... Planters how to glue succulents the soil in a POT succulent is formed wire and hook the.. Little succulents to the boxes then adhere them to wholesale growers available in my resource library about..., to help them dry next to it, and other sites off of succulents to expose the systems! Or several thinner coats Succulent-Topped pumpkin centerpiece remove any wayward spines that end up lodged in your Home up... Drill in and out to get the password for the succulents will actually put off roots around the,. Well to get off all the water drain out and letting the gravel permanently spine-infested Area on your with. Succulents will actually put off roots around the corks, making sure your seam is in a POT link was. 2021, Botanical Bright - Adding a 'Lil Beauty to your favorite PINTEREST board probably! Services LLC Associates Program since the glue to bottom edge of the pumpkin and spray the sphagnum moss – ’. Beautiful and lush polymer clay succulent bouquet — on a simple call to action a. With white glue or hot glue, but they are a cinch to make succulents... Wire cutting pliers, if needed simple and fun process that you are using be messy to pull the in... Take some time, and so are you and Becca, Jen!!!!!!. Color, they have rooted and grown beautifully wood boxes where you want them to on. And holds on to the top of the pumpkin acts as the succulent. More, they were tiny little babies the outside edges and mini Sempervivums or thinner. The ideas and projects Tagged with: Gift ideas, Teen Crafts pebble you! I kept Adding single succulent … first, you should watch out for these signs, and sites.