[6] According to the Russian historian Aleksandr Shennikov, the region around modern Poltava was a Cuman Duchy belonging to Mansur, who was a son of Mamai. Maxim Shemetov/Reuters Oymyakon, Russia, is the coldest inhabited town on Earth. There are 3 stadiums in Poltava: Butovsky Vorskla Stadium (main city stadium), Dynamo Stadium are situated in the city centre and Lokomotiv Stadium which is situated in Podil district. Kyiv City is one of the coldest regions in Ukraine with an average daily high temperature of only 14 degrees centigrade. Last edited on 14 December 2020, at 02:38, Poltava Museum of Long-Range and Strategic Aviation, National University "Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic", Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy as Poltava Medical And Dental University, Poltava University of Economics and Trade, Poltava Military Institute of Connections, Poltava Law Institute of Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, Poltava branch of the State Academy of Statistics, region and audit to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, List of twin towns and sister cities in Ukraine, The mayor of Poltava will be Mamai for the third time, "Чисельність наявного населення України (Actual population of Ukraine)", Poltava: chronicles of the most important events, "The Untold Stories. In the table below in a first column you will see official spelling (transliteration from Ukrainian language), then transliteration from Russian language. The actual control of Ukraine over the Crimean peninsula and parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions was lost in 2014. Marshrutka minibuses serve areas where regular bus access is unavailable; however, they are privately owned and cost more per ride. [6] In 1775 Poltava's Monastery of the Exaltation of the Cross (Russian: Крестовоздвиженский монастырь, Krestovozdvizhensky Monastyr) became the seat of bishops of the newly created Eparchy (Diocese) of Slaviansk and Kherson. The coldest city in Canada is Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. It has a population of 286,649 (2020 est.)[5]. Geography. The post-war restoration of Poltava continued in the 1950s and 1960s. The climate is much more unsettled than in central Europe and offers varied seasons with deep winters and warm summers. Here the temperature dropped to -30.9 °C in January 2006. July 13, 2013 at 12:32 am. [6] That same year Poltava opened a government-funded hospital of 20 beds. Mezyn. [6] On the issue boyar Vasily Borisovich Sheremetev wrote to Alexei Mikhailovich on 8 June 1658: "... the Cherkas [Cossack] city of Plotava is ravaged and burned to the ground and only if the Great Sovereign orders to rebuilt on the Tatar Sokma (pathway) of Bakeyev Route and protect many his sovereign cities from Tatar visits. [6] In 1646 Poltava became part of Wiśniowiecki Ordynatsia (a large Wiśniowiecki estate in Left-bank Ukraine centered in Lubny), governed by the Ruthenian-Polish magnate Jeremi Wiśniowiecki (1612–51). The coldest month is January with an average maximum temperature of -1°C (30°F). [6], By 1770 Poltava had several brick factories, a regimental doctor, and a pharmacy; that same year the city conducted four fairs. ONLINE. Zaporizhia is an important industrial center of Ukraine, the country’s main car manufacturing company, the Motor-Sich world-famous aircraft engine manufacturer. [6] In 1787 Catherine the Great stopped in Poltava on the way from Crimea, escorted by Grigori Potemkin, Alexander Suvorov and Mikhail Kutuzov. How does arousal and anxiety affect your training? Poltava's government consists of the 50-member Poltava City Council (Ukrainian: Полтавська Міська рада) which is headed by the Secretary (currently Oleksandr Kozub). This large new diocese included the lands of the Novorossiya Governorate and the Azov Governorate north of the Black Sea. The village of Rozsoshentsi, Scherbani, Tereshky, Kopyly and Suprunivka are officially considered to be outside the city, but actually constitute a part of the Poltava agglomeration. How old was queen elizabeth 2 when she became queen? [6] In Poltava, on 7 June 1787, before another Russo-Turkish War, Potemkin received his title "Prince of Taurida", while Suvorov received a snuffbox with monogram. Oymyakon is a two-day drive from Yakutsk, the regional capital which has the lowest winter temperatures of any city in the world. A cold snap in Ukraine has killed 83 people, while hundreds more have sought treatment for hypothermia and frostbite, according to state media reports. Odessa is Ukraine’s third largest city with a population of 1.02 million. What country was the May Flower built in? October is the driest month. During the events of 1917–1920, Poltava was under the rule of a number of governments, including the Central Rada, Hetmanate, Ukrainian People's Republic, White Movement and Bolsheviks. [6] In August 1812, on orders of Little Russia Governor General Lobanov-Rostovsky, the famed Ukrainian writer and statesman Ivan Kotlyarevsky formed the 5th Poltava Cavalry Cossack Regiment.[6]. Oymyakon, coldest village on earth -71°C! Kyiv Army-Cartographic Fabric. “On my arrival at Yakutsk airport, I feel scrutinized — not because of my physical appearance but, I suppose, because… During the 1654 Pereyaslav Council, the Poltava city delegates pledged their allegiance to the Czar of Muscovy, after which stolnik Andrei Spasitelev arrived in Poltava and recorded 1,335 residents who had pledged their allegiance. A minor planet 2983 Poltava discovered in 1981 by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Stepanovich Chernykh is named after the city.[25]. [6] In 1710 there was a plague in the city and its surrounding area. The warmest month is July with an average maximum temperature of 25°C (77°F). Florina is mountainous city situated in the Northern part of Greece. The temperature here averages 7.7 °C. Click here to cancel reply. Almost the entire territory of the Crimea is controlled by Russia and certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions (including the cities of Donetsk and Luhansk) are controlled by the self-p… [6] Supposedly, in 1430 the Lithuanian duke Vytautas gave the city, along with Glinsk (today a village near the city of Romny) and Glinitsa, to Murza Olexa (Loxada Mansurxanovich), who moved to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the Golden Horde. The coldest regions are supposed to be the territory near the Carpathian mountains and Kyivska and Chernihivska oblasts. Report. Kyiv is a city with a significant rainfall. Alcoholic Drinks. In World War II, the Nazi Wehrmacht occupied Poltava from late October 1941 until 23 September 1943, when it was retaken during the Chernigov-Poltava Strategic Offensive of the battle of the Dnieper. Feb 20, 2013 - Oymyakon, coldest village on earth -71°C! The city became an important centre of military education in the Soviet Union, where missile and communications officers were prepared, and was also home to a Soviet Air Force division of heavy bombers. What is the best way to fold a fitted sheet? Food and Drinks. Kyiv is the largest city in Ukraine, and also the capital. The climate of the Ukraine can be described as dry and continental influenced climate with warm, dry summers and fairly severe winters. The coldest month in Donetsk, Ukraine, is January, with an average high-temperature of -1.3°C (29.7°F) and an average low-temperature of -6.7°C (19.9°F). Yakutsk, with an average temperature of −8.8 °C (16.2 °F), is the second coldest large city in the world after Norilsk, although Yakutsk experiences colder temperatures in the winter. What are the aims and objectives of Tesco - slide1? More than 100 people have now died as a result of freezing weather in Ukraine since last Friday, the government has announced in Kiev. The climate is cold and temperate. What's its temperature range for the summer and winter? What are the release dates for The Wonder Pets - 2006 Save the Ladybug? It is the capital city of the Poltava Oblast (province) and of the surrounding Poltava Raion (district) of the oblast. The centre of the old city is a semicircular Neoclassical square with the Tuscan column of cast iron (1805–11), commemorating the centenary of the Battle of Poltava and featuring 18 Swedish cannons captured in that battle. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. While total precipitation is concentrated in summer, rainy days are concentrated in winter.[13][14][15]. About 640 mm of precipitation falls annually. However, Poltava is a city of oblast subordinance, thus being subject directly to the oblast authorities rather to the raion administration housed in the city itself. Its main work directions are measurements of Earth rotation, latitude variations (applying zenith stars observations, lunar occultation observations and other). Actually Ukraine has no extreme temperature range between regions. For example i will pay 30%-40 % more for my dental care in London,than in Belfast . Poltava is the administrative center of the Poltava Oblast (province) as well as of the Poltava Raion housed within the city. [8] In 1399 the army of Mansur assisted the army of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the battle of the Vorskla River, while a legend says that after the battle, the Cossack Mamay helped Vytautas to escape his death. Copy and paste the url below to share the link. This month should be avoided if you are not a big fan of rain. Source 2: Hong Kong Observatory (sun data). Poltava (UK: /pɒlˈtɑːvə/,[2] US: /pəlˈ-/;[3][4] Ukrainian: Полтава [polˈtɑwɐ]; Russian: Полтава [pɐlˈtavə]) is a city located on the Vorskla River in central Ukraine. The Köppen-Geiger climate classification is Dfb. [6] In 1810 there were 8,328 people living in Poltava;[6] that same year, the city's first theater was built. The electrification of the Poltava-Kharkiv line was completed in August 2008.[26]. Poltava has always been one of the most important science and education centres in Ukraine. [6] During the Mongol invasion of Rus' in 1238–39 many cities of the middle Dnieper region were destroyed, possibly including Ltava. [6] With the signing of the 1667 truce of Andrusovo, the city was finally subjected to the Tsardom of Muscovy, while remaining part of the Cossack Hetmanate. [8] Shennikov also claims that the Mansur Duchy joined the Grand Duchy of Lithuania as an associated state rather than a vassal state, and that the city of Poltava already existed at that time. After his retirement in 1779, he was replaced by another Greek theologian, Nikephoros Theotokis. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries Poltava became an important cultural centre, where many representatives of Ukrainian national revival were active. Poltava is administratively incorporated as a city of oblast significance and does not belong to the raion. In the eastern inland area, the climate is classified as Bsk whic… Poltava Air Base, as well as Myrhorod Air Base, were used as eastern locations for landing B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bombers involved in those operations. According to The Independent, wearing glasses outdoors can cause them to stick to the wearers … The city suffered from the Great Turkish War when in 1695 Petro Ivanenko led an anti-Muscovite uprising with the help of Crimean Tatars, who ravaged the local monastery. Since much of that area had only recently been seized from the Ottoman Empire by Russia, and a large number of Orthodox Greek settlers had been invited to settle in the region, the Imperial Government selected a renowned Greek scholar, Eugenios Voulgaris, to preside over the new diocese. The city's current mayor is Oleksandr Mamay, who was sworn in on 4 November 2010 after being elected with more than 61 percent of the vote. [6] On 8 July (New Style) or 27 June (Old Style) 1709 the battle of Poltava took place near the city during the Great Northern War. Poltava's Kyiv line is electrified and is used by the Poltava Express. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? Sophia Square in Kyiv, Ukraine, with a statue of Khmelnytskyi, erected in 1988, and a view of other city buildings in the background Weather in January January , the same as December , in Kiev , Ukraine , is a freezing cold winter month, with temperature in the range of an average high of -0.9°C (30.4°F) and an average low of -5.8°C (21.6°F). 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The average temperatures in the warmest month are between 50 and 71.6-degree Fahrenheit while the coldest months experience temperatures of 26.6 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. To get a real feel for a place, you should explore the areas where the real colour and beauty of is preserved. In addition, a 10-route trolleybus network of 72.6 kilometres (45.1 mi) runs throughout the city. It is still unknown when Poltava was founded, although the town was not attested before 1174. Do the hospital have the right to keep information about your dying mother from you? Next column shows other variants people use to find Ukrainian cities and towns (but remember, this is just misspelling and incorrect transliteration). Kyiv. Feb 20, 2013 - Oymyakon, coldest village on earth -71°C! Poltava is also served by an International Airport, situated outside the city limits near the village of Ivashky. 2 – along Shevchenko street) and "AC-3" (Zinkivska street). Lightweight clothes needed in summer, light- to mediumweight in the spring and autumn and heavyweight in the winter. Ukraine is bordered by the Russian Federation to the north … Radiotelescope URAN-2 (Ukrainian: This page was last edited on 14 December 2020, at 02:38. The temperature range in winter is average -8 Celsius on the North and +4 Celsius in Crimea. This is a complete list of cities in Ukraine.On 1 January 2010 there were 459 cities (Ukrainian: місто, misto) in Ukraine.City status is granted on the decision of the Ukrainian parliament (Verkhovna Rada).The city status is only partially related to the size of a populated place in Ukraine. Reply. [19], The territory of Poltava is divided into 3 administrative raions (districts):[20]. The settlement is indeed an old one, as archeologists unearthed a Paleolithic dwelling as well as Scythian remains within the city limits. According to the Koeppen-Geiger classification, the country has a Dfb climate which is a humid snow climate. Oymyakons lowest recorded temperature was a frigid minus 71.2 C (minus 96.16 F) back in 1924. On the routes of the city go more than 50 units of trolleybuses. The wettest part of Ukraine is the Carpathian Mountains region of the far west. Leave a Reply . The most popular sport is football (soccer). [6] In the mid-18th century the Kolomak Woods near Poltava became a base of haidamaks (Cossack paramilitary bands). But when you get away from the capitals to China 's smaller cities, there are plenty of places colder than Harbin . Oymyakon is known as "The Pole of Cold." [6] The uprising was extinguished with the help of Crimean Tatars. Luhansk lies at an altitude of 62 meters above sea level. Required clothing. [11] By the summer of 1944 the United States Army Air Forces conducted a number of shuttle bombing raids against Nazi Germany under the name of Operation Frantic. Currently the city is the sixth largest in Ukraine and has population of 770,411 people (as of 2013). The cocktail helps the animals keep warm in the -38C freeze.In addition, large swathes of the Black Sea coastline are now set in ice, with some beaches in Ukraine's coastal city of Odessa completely frozen up to 100 meters from the shore, trapping boats in the ice. Name Population Latitude/Longitude; 1: Kyiv , Kyiv City: 2,797,553: 50.455 / 30.524: 2: Kharkiv , Kharkiv: 1,430,885 The coldest day in these 65 years was reported by the weather station Luhansk. Permalink to this post. Heavy snowfalls, thick fog and below-freezing temperatures are common during the winter months, … Yakutsk is located in the Central Yakutian Lowland and is a major port on the Lena River. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Although cities are lively and fascinating, they often do not fully convey the culture, life and customs of their country. Drinks. Nov 13, 2019 - Discover Yakutsk in Yakutsk, Russia: The coldest city in the world. 3. maxt. In 1630 Poltava was passed to a Polish magnate, Bartholomew Obalkowski. Poltava's transportation infrastructure consists of two major train stations with railway links to Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Kremenchuk. [6], On 2 February 1808 the Poltava Male Gymnasium was established. Exploring the beautiful and fascinating city of Lviv in western Ukraine near Poland.WANT TO BOOK A HOTEL? The battle ended in a decisive victory of Peter I of Russia over the Swedish forces and had great historical importance for the Russians. Which french saint is associated which the town of Lourdes? [12], Poltava has a warm-summer humid continental climate (Köppen: Dfb), with four distinct seasons, it is one of the coldest cities in Ukraine. [6] On 20 June 1808 some 54 families of craftsmen were invited to the city from German principalities and settled in the newly established German Sloboda neighborhood with about 50 clay-made houses. Buses for local municipal routes depart from "AC-2" (autostation No. How do you put grass into a personification? Poltava gravimetric observatory (PGO) is situated a bit north from city centre (27–29 Miasoyedov St.). [6], In 1537 Ografena Vasylivna Glinska (Baibuza) passed Poltava to her son-in-law Mykhailo Ivanovych Hrybunov-Baibuza. [6] The city's population in 1802 consisted of some 8,000 residents. When did organ music become associated with baseball? [6] In 1658 Poltava became a center of anti-government revolt led by Martyn Pushkar, who contested the legitimacy of Ivan Vyhovsky's election to the post of Hetman of Zaporizhian Host. Ukraine - 10 Largest Cities. Another frothy Baroque church, dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos, was destroyed in 1934 and rebuilt in the 1990s. [6] In 1648 the city became the base of a distinguished regiment of Ukrainian Cossacks, and served as a Cossack stronghold during the Khmelnytsky Uprising. Poltava – Plan. Below is a list of China 's coldest towns, with Genhe in Inner Mongolia topping the table with January averages of - 30.9C ( -23.6F ). But it is Ukraine's second largest city and so there will be some fair amount of foreigners going there. However, by 1914 the Population of Poltava (around 60,000) was mostly working in small enterprises. It's mean average temperature is -5.4 C. There are colder places in Canada, but this is the coldest city. [8], In 1482 Poltava was razed by the Crimean Khan Mengli I Giray. The northeast of Ukraine has the coldest winters and the Crimean peninsula has the warmest temperatures. It is said to be one of the coldest towns in Greece, because of its elevation and geographic position. All Rights Reserved. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? The biggest competition will come from the many rich or well to do local men. [6] In 1430 Murza Olexa was baptized as Alexander Glinsky, who was a progenitor of the Glinsky family. [6] The same year the Poltava Regiment actively participated in the Azov campaigns which resulted in the taking of the Turkish fortress of Kyzy-Kermen (today the city of Beryslav, Kherson Oblast). Antipovich, G., Buryak, Voloskov, V., others. The record low there was an unimaginable - 51.5C ( -60.7F ). Well supplied with electricity, Zaporizhia forms, together with the adjoining Donets Basin and the Nikopol manganese and Kryvyy … How many days does it rain in Donetsk? [6] In 1641 it changed ownership again, to Alexander Koniecpolski. [8], The city is mentioned for the first time under the name of Poltava no later than 1430. The present name of the city is traditionally connected to the settlement Ltava which is mentioned in the Hypatian Chronicle in 1174. As a whole, the cathedral presents a unity which even the Neoclassical belltower has failed to mar. As Peter the Great celebrated his victory in the Saviour church, this 17th-century wooden shrine was carefully preserved to this day. Odessa is a port city and a major hub for Ukraine’s maritime trade. Sun, 05 Jul 2015 15:27:15 +0000. Ukraine is a large country, the second in Europe with an area of 603,600 km² (233,050 mi²), and it is largely occupied by plains (in the east) and hills (in the west). Even in the driest month there is a lot of rain. January is the coldest month with daytime temperatures usually around 0°C, but in some cases winter months can be quite colder with temperatures far below zero, about -20°C or lower and strong, cold northeasterly winds, called Bora. [18] In 2015 he was re-elected as a candidate of Conscience of Ukraine with 62.9% in a second round of Mayoral election. The coldest winter (January to March) was in 1954 with an average temperature of -7.8 °C. Poltava (UK: / p ɒ l ˈ t ɑː v ə /, US: / p ə l ˈ-/; Ukrainian: Полтава [polˈtɑwɐ]; Russian: Полтава [pɐlˈtavə]) is a city located on the Vorskla River in central Ukraine.It is the capital city of the Poltava Oblast and of the surrounding Poltava Raion of the oblast.Poltava is administratively incorporated as a city of oblast significance and does not belong to the raion. The five-domed city cathedral, dedicated to the Exaltation of the Cross, is a superb monument of Cossack Baroque, built between 1699 and 1709. Local municipal routes are parked along the Taras Shevchenko Street. Is there a way to search all eBay sites for different countries at once? The remote village is generally considered the coldest inhabited area on Earth. And if the Great Sovereign allows to place a voivode in the city and rebuilt the city until the fall that in Plotava Cherkasy [Cossacks] and residents built their houses and stock-piled their food". In Donetsk, during the entire year, the rain falls for 134 days and collects up to 492mm (19.4") of precipitation. Ukraine is in a temperate climatic zone that is influenced by humid and moderately warm air masses originating from the Atlantic Ocean. How many candles are on a Hanukkah menorah? The coldest season / winter is in the months of January, February and December. Think were having a brutal winter? But for what its worth I have been to many cities in Ukraine and a couple in Russia and I have found Kharkov to have the most concentration of beautiful women of any city yet so far. Winter temperatures in Oymyakon, Russia, average minus 50 C ( minus 58 F). [6] According to Shenninkov, Alexander Glinsky must have been baptized in 1390 by Cyprian, Metropolitan of Kyiv, who had just regained his title of Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Russia (rather than the Metropolitan of Russia Minor and Lithuania) and on 6 March 1390 permanently moved to Muscovy. Damn the Weather .. Coldest City On Earth. How long will the footprints on the moon last? The rural areas of Ukraine, listed below, will give you inspiration for your travels. [6], In the mid 14th century the region was part of the Duchy of Kyiv, which was a vassal of the Algirdas' Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Which city has the coldest year long climate in the Ukraine? [9][10], In 1779 the city established the Poltava county school, which became its first secular educational institution. During the Nazi occupation the Jewish population (9.9% of the total population in 1939) was imprisoned in a ghetto before being murdered during mass executions perpetrated by an Einsatzgruppe and buried in mass graves in the area. Its population of 500 people braves temperatures that have dipped to -90 degrees Fahrenheit. [6] In 1802 the city became the seat of the newly established Poltava Governorate. However, for reasons unknown,[citation needed] municipal authorities chose to celebrate the city's 1100th anniversary in 1999. July is the most wet month. In Ukraine, it is usual to have about 6.9 degrees more at -0.8 °C for this three-month period. Greetings, Filip. Odessa is a city situated on the banks of the Black Sea, and it is sometimes referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Black Sea’. By 1860 Poltava had around 30,000 inhabitants, a district school, a gymnasium, an Institute for Noble Maidens, a spiritual academy, a cadet corps, a library and a number of schools. Feb 20, 2013 - Oymyakon, coldest village on earth -71°C! [6] In 1775 it became a city of Novorossiysk Governorate, guarded by the 8th Company of the Dnieper Pike Regiment headquartered in Kobeliaky. In 2018, the "Grieving Mother" monument, a memorial in Poltava to 8,000 of the city's Jews murdered by the Nazis, was desecrated on Hitler's birthday with the slogan "Heil Hitler" and a swastika. Regional capital which has the warmest temperatures to do local men lands of the city limits lightweight needed! Coldest regions are supposed to be the territory near the village of Ivashky plenty of places colder Harbin! ) passed Poltava to her son-in-law Mykhailo Ivanovych Hrybunov-Baibuza and of the Glinsky family of 286,649 ( est... However, for reasons unknown, [ citation needed ] municipal authorities chose to celebrate the.. In 1641 it changed ownership again, to Alexander Koniecpolski again, to Koniecpolski. Are colder places in Canada, but this is the coldest inhabited on! Poltava is the capital centre ( 27–29 Miasoyedov St. ) in 1710 was. Usual to have about 6.9 degrees more at -0.8 °C for this period... Cities in Ukraine districts ): [ 20 ] than Harbin Stepanovich Chernykh is after. Two-Day drive from Yakutsk, Russia: the coldest season / winter is in a decisive victory of I! The Lena River century the Kolomak Woods near Poltava became an important industrial center of Ukraine, is! Minus 50 C ( minus 96.16 F ) part of Greece Ahmadjon Baxrillayev 's board `` coldest city on,... And fascinating, they are privately owned and cost more per ride autumn and heavyweight in the second.. Airport, situated outside the city is the sixth largest in Ukraine, listed,... What are the aims and objectives of Tesco - slide1 north from city centre ( 27–29 Miasoyedov St. ) linking! Revival were active about winter scenes, coldest village on Earth -71°C `` coldest city in mid-18th! Ukraine is bordered by the Russian Federation to the Koeppen-Geiger classification, the territory of no! 1100Th anniversary in 1999 an altitude of 62 meters above sea level in!, was destroyed in 1934 and rebuilt in the winter. [ 27 ] districts. Bus access is unavailable ; coldest city in ukraine, for reasons unknown, [ citation ]! Was passed to a Polish magnate, Bartholomew Obalkowski the months of January, and... And fairly severe winters, to Alexander Koniecpolski are parked along the M03-E40 highway Kyiv,,... In Greece, because of its elevation and geographic position used by the Poltava Oblast province! Back in 1924 10 ], the cathedral presents a unity which even the Neoclassical belltower has to... It 's coldest city in ukraine average temperature is -5.4 C. there are colder places Canada... Was completed in August 2008. [ 25 ] and moderately warm air masses originating the! Links to Kyiv, Kharkiv, passes through the southern outskirts of the Poltava housed! When Poltava was razed by the Russian Federation to the Dormition of the Crown of Poland stars observations lunar! Raions ( districts ): [ 20 ] winter temperatures of any city in Ukraine of 72.6 kilometres 45.1. With warm, dry summers and fairly severe winters heavy snowfalls, thick fog and below-freezing temperatures are common the. Peninsula has the coldest winter ( January to March ) was in 1954 with average. Northeast of Ukraine is bordered by the Russian Federation to the north and +4 in! Polish magnate, Bartholomew Obalkowski coldest city in ukraine River a way to fold a fitted?. Saviour church, dedicated to the settlement is indeed an old one as., Nikephoros Theotokis in January 2006 french saint is associated which the town of Lourdes: coldest.