— Shropshire (6) — Oxfordshire (10) — Shropshire (6) — Morayshire (0) — Blaenau Gwent (1) FAQ's and Information to help you make an informed decision about which course is right for you. — Aberdeenshire (3) Our Part Two course is for people who have successfully completed the Foundation course. — Ross & Cromarty (0) — Powys (2) — Essex (14) — Kent (11) When we realised that there was going to be a ‘new normal’ we decided to offer the course on-line. They are required to keep their education up-to-date, and adhere to a Code of Practice.If any member is found to be in contravention of this Code, then their membership is withdrawn. — Northumberland (5) — West Sussex (10) — Swansea (0) — Cardiff (1) — Isle of Anglesey (1) — Sutherland (0) — London (27) — Caithness (0) — Northamptonshire (6) You can search by name, by postcode/town or select your county. — Middlesex (6) — Merthyr Tydfil (0) It left me wanting more and raring to learn more. — Gwynedd (1) DRTS.Location.textfield("#drts-form-3f7466976d7bf099058666b7e7817667-search-location-address"); })(); — Morayshire (0) — North Yorkshire (12) But further to that, it was really useful meeting other people who had knowledge/opinions/experience on things that I didn’t know or hadn’t heard of before so I’ve learnt a lot just from fellow peers, “Although it was a shame not to be with everyone in person, I thought the classes worked really well”, “The instructors were very knowledgeable and the presentations were well structured and of a high standard”, “Felt like the right amount of info for 3 days (learned plenty, but not overloaded)”, “All of it! — Renfrewshire (4) }); The APDT is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1995 to promote training skills that improve the welfare of dogs and the competence of dog owners. — Flintshire (1) — Berwickshire (0) — Antrim (3) The APDT support and cooperate with other organisations in any activity that will add to the body of knowledge of canine training and behaviour, and offer information and courses to educate our members, subscribers and the general public. Tuition from experienced Association Pet Dog Trainers members. DRTS.Form.field.slider("#drts-form-3f7466976d7bf099058666b7e7817667-search-location-address-radius"); — Bridgend (4) DRTS.states(states, "#drts-form-3f7466976d7bf099058666b7e7817667"); (also how quickly information was shared onto the Facebook group so you could look at things in breaks“, “I found each talk fascinating and informative and I learnt a lot”, “I liked all the tutors and found them approachable, extremely knowledgeable and helpful”, (function(){var ml="tad4n0ockif.%pu",mi="94:6<351=20;76;>8",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j