7: December 2020, A COLLECTION OF NEW VINYL FOR THE AUDIOPHILE: DECEMBER 2020, What We’re Listening To. Distortion, as measured by Newport Test Labs, is shown in Graph 3 for a 1kHz test signal. Very nice. Its build quality is overall particularly good. The A23+ delivers neutral-character vivid sounds with excellent dynamics. to them first. Instead of silk-screened lettering, the ‘Parasound’ brand on the new faceplate has a 3D texture with gold lettering. No problems, the Parasound Zphono XRM can provide this. Best sound quality is usually achieved with twice the minimum load impedance, which in this case would be 100Ω. It is interesting that the Parasound Zphono XRM does not have a standby power feature, but on this device it would have added quite a bit of cost and increased circuit noise, plus made it difficult to meet the regulatory requirements of the different countries in which it would be sold, so I can understand why Parasound chose not to include one. It is a one-box solution that contains both the Halo P6 preamp ($1,499) and the Halo A23+ amplifier($1,499). 300 watts x 2, 4 Ω both channels driven, 500 watts x 1, 8 Ω So, after first cleaning each LP after purchase, it gets its first playing on our second-best turntable, so that if it’s too scratched, or the groove too worn, it’s only a fairly low-cost, easily replaceable stylus that is bearing the brunt of the damage. It is capable of portraying satisfying soundstage too. Parasound's Halo JC5 conforms to some of these stereotypes, but there's more to it than just slam There's nothing terribly unusual about a big, hefty US-made power amp: after all, it's almost an archetype of what we think the US high-end is all about. The Parasound 2100 and 2250 are much more widely available. 28 April 2020. Overall, the A23+ was no slouch in conveying the sense of space, imaging, and soundstage. The built-in power supply is pretty good, too, with a shielded power transformer, a high-quality bridge diode and filter capacitors. This may be due to the amplifier’s ability to nimbly navigate to the various transients and textures in the music. Besides those and the main power switch near the power connector, the turn-on option switch as well as DC trigger input and output can be found on the left side of the back panel. I have owned Parasound products myself in the past and I can attest for the two attributes mentioned above. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, For a start, it’s quiet, so the lovely fade-in intro to Dreamcatcher, along with the crisp picking, was revealed perfectly. While the basic circuit design and topology stays the same, the A23+ has a beefier transformer than its predecessor (1.1 kVA vs 1.0 kVA), which translates into more powerful amplification (160 Watts vs 125 Watts into 8Ω loads, or 240 Watts vs 225 Watts into 4Ω loads). In the case of the Ortofon Cadenza, its internal d.c. resistance is 5Ω. Even in the softer passages, the A23+ did not lose its grip in presenting the details in the music. The A23+ is definitely a very capable amplifier … The Halo Integrated 2.1 combines a preamplifier with a power amp, phono preamp, DAC, and built-in adjustable crossover to make a device that can handle any current-format … The bass of this track as played through the A23+ sounded full and tuneful and the treble was airy and detailed. By honest, I mean, the A23+ would not add lushness to the vocals or smoothness to the midrange like how some other amplifiers would. If you’ve heard of it, you probably also know that the best-known exponent of it, at least in the Western world, is Suhail Yusuf Khan, who’s been in a trio with guitarist James Yorkston and double-bass player Jon Thorne for some years. This is a review and detailed measurements of Parasound Zdac v.2 DAC and headphone amplifier. Cons: No volume knob. We personally would have labelled it a ‘high-pass’ filter and suggested that it might be useful if your home is close to a busy road or highway – or railway line – in which case low-frequency vibrations might be causing your stylus to generate sub-audible signals that could adversely affect sound quality. Side note - while there's no problem finding reviews on Parasound amps, I looked long and hard and couldn't find even a hint of a real review on one of the Emotiva DR models - and they've been out for a while now. To re-state the obvious, both these are outstanding results for a phono preamplifier. The A23+ also sports the left-right loop output connectors that pass through the input audio signals for daisy-chaining additional external amplifier(s) or for connecting subwoofer(s). No shortage of machismo – it has to be an American power amp, right? Does this new amplifier offer the quality and value in line with Parasound’s reputation? The A23+ might look lean and rather petite in the power-amplifier world, but it showed no sign of struggle at all in navigating the Ultima Studio through the soft and loud musical passages in a dynamic track such as Hopper Dance by Empire Brass Quintet from their Passage: 138 B.C. Hunting these down has now become a major Saturday pastime. I considered this amp vs. the Emotiva BasX 150 watt rms amp. There was a problem. The portrayal of the instruments in the track as to their own locations in the musical stage were clear and unambiguous. Bravo. I guarantee I will not be on the UPS Christmas list with all the incredibly heavy boxes delivered to my house. Dandy Hydraulic LP Cleaning Apparatus MKII, PreSonus Eris E3.5 Powered Speakers Review, Still Blown Away After All These Years: JBL Launches 75th Anniversary Edition of L100 Loudspeaker, Solidly constructed and good-looking amplifier, Balanced sonic characteristics with good presentation of musical details, Composed sounding amplifier that does everything well, Stylish appearance and very good build quality, Sufficiently powerful amplifier to drive most speakers, Gain control and signal pass-through features. The overall tonal balance of the A23+ was particularly good with no obvious emphasis on certain frequency ranges. The bass that the amplifier produced through the Ultima Studio might not be the most extended that I have ever listened to, but it sounded punchy with sufficient impact. If you want the very best, go with the Parasound Integrated, the HINT. The front panel of the A23+ sports an on-off button with illumination surrounding it. 20 Hz – 20 kHz, +0/-0.25 dB, < 0.06 % at full power Next up we just had to hear how the Zphono XRM reproduced the sound of the sangari, a stringed instrument whose sound is famously difficult to reproduce, not least because it resembles the sound of the human singing voice. The success that Parasound has achieved since it was founded in 1981 is driven by the customers’ appreciation of the value of its products. The RIAA-corrected frequency response of the Parasound Zphono XRM, as measured by Newport Test Labs, is shown in Graph 1 below. The Parasound name is also found on the top-middle of the faceplate right above the display in a darker gold ink, in contrast with the all-black design, which looks nice. Empire Brass Quintet’s Passage “138 B.C. And when you’re listening to the tracks recorded live in concert, listen especially to the accuracy with which the Zphono XRM delivers the sound of the audiences cheering, clapping and singing along. The JC 1 was powerful, at 400 watts RMS into 8 Ohms. As I said at the beginning of this review, now is a good time to be an audiophile. But one problem with this setting is that it assumes there is zero radio-frequency interference, which is rarely the case if you live in a city. ), As luck would have it, we also had problems choosing which gain setting we should use – 50dB or 60dB – because the Ortofon Cadenza Blue’s output (which the specifications say is 0.5mV at 1kHz at a recorded velocity of 5 cm/sec) is right on the cusp of choices… at least it is according to Parasound, which recommends that you use the 60dB setting ‘for low output moving coil cartridges whose output is less than 0.5mV’ and the 50dB setting ‘for high output moving coil cartridges.’. On this graph, the black trace is the response without the infrasonic filter and the red trace is the response with the infrasonic filter deployed. – A.D. 1611 (2007) album. Overall, the A23+ amplifier brings a lot of value to the table that easily justifies its $1595 price tag. Seems like a steep price increase but had Parasound made inflation adjustments to the MSRP of the A23 during its long tenure in the company’s product lineup, their price gap would narrow and reflect the cost for the upgrades more closely. If the audio signal ceases, the amplifier will remain on for 10 minutes before turning itself off automatically. It was of no surprise that the A23+ amplifier could drive the Revel Ultima Studio speakers with ease. But for the record, Newport Test Labs measured the 40dB setting as delivering 40.19dB, the 50dB setting as delivering 49.72dB and the 60dB setting as delivering 57.5dB. It’s the best-sounding Sonos yet, but the Amp isn’t the last word in hi-fi subtlety. It was like looking at a picture with clear lines around the borders of the objects in the picture. Overall, the Parasound NewClassic 200 integrated amplifier is a good looking product. Review By Clarke Robinson Click here to e-mail reviewer S an Francisco-based Parasound was founded in 1981 by Richard Schram, with the mission of creating high-quality, audiophile-approved audio components without the stratospheric price tags typically found in the high-end, which is a raison d'être that I have a big soft spot for in my heart. Interchannel phase errors, as you can see from the tabulated results, were also low across the audio band. (And why is it that so many singers with unusual voices seem to gravitate to the uke? The Halo HINT 6, retailing for $2,995, is Parasound’s flagship integrated amplifier. You can see that the filter’s response starts deviating from that of the main response at around 400Hz, but there’s no disparity until 200Hz, after which it’s 5dB down at 38Hz, 10dB down at 28Hz and 20dB down at 18Hz. They also sell thru Amazon. If the LP turns out to be playable, it then goes straight to our best turntable so we can transfer the sound to digital for a final clean-up as well as for permanent storage and casual replay. Parasound Halo, ZoneMaster, Z Custom, and NewClassic are four distinct product families. Two small indicator lights in the lower middle of the faceplate will also illuminate blue when the amplifier is in normal operation. You can see a big indent of the company name on the top cover of the unit. The Parasound Zamp V3 is not the kind of product you might expect to see on a Head-Fi review. This was my first Parasound purchase! It is this continued passion for audio that has brought him once again to the SECRETS team. It can also be bridged to generate a mono amplifier rated at 500 W into an 8-ohm load. – A.D. 1611”. This puts the audio band frequency response at 20Hz to 20kHz ±0.45dB, which is excellent. Just in case you own an Ortofon Cadenza Blue and you’re looking for a load recommendation, we thought ours sounded best with the Zphono XRM’s input impedance knob set to just a tad over 150Ω. I have it bridged @ 400w and it does the job. They are both available in black and silver finishes, but the A23+ has gold-liner on the faceplate, which in my opinion, adds to the elegant look of the product. I bought it on sale which helped my decision. In the hi-fi world, Parasound needs no introduction. The Parasound ZAMP v.3 is proof that a good amp from many years ago is still a good amp today. Sonic presentation seems well balanced across the audible frequency spectrum with extended treble and punchy bass. He rejoined Secrets not too long after he has returned to the US in 2012. During the review, I got the sense that the Parasound A23+ was always in control of the music played through it. He wanted the XRM to offer versatility and convenience and thought that the design should be informed by viewing it through the eyes of a vinyl enthusiast rather than an engineer. Parasound states that it is not advised to use both the balanced and unbalanced inputs at the same time, which is cumbersome in my system. Obviously, this approach also meant we could accommodate two turntables or a turntable with two tonearms.”. < 0.03 % at typical listening levels, Input Sensitivity for 28.28 V Out (8 Ω Load), > 112 dB, input shorted, IHF A-weighted Though I had inquired of Parasound's Director of Sales, Phil Jackson, back in late 2018 as to my doing a review whenever the reimagined JC 1 might make its way back into the Parasound roster, when the January 16, 2020 Press Release landed in my inbox, I immediately requested a listen! Typical to Parasound amplifiers, the amplification gain for each channel can be adjusted using the gain-level knobs provided. The overall amplifier’s presentation through the Ultima Studio was neutral with a crisp sonic character and excellent details. Thank you for signing up to What Hi-Fi?. But, at … You get a switchable phono stage, a headphone output and even tone controls. When set to the Manual position, the amplifier can only be turned on or off using the on-off button on the front panel. In general, the sonic attributes of the A23+ score highly in my scorecard. The ‘best’ turntable is fitted with an Ortofon Cadenza Blue moving-coil cartridge (which does not have a removable stylus) while the ‘second-best’ is fitted with a middling-quality Audio-Technica moving-magnet cartridge (which does). And because the Zphono XRM draws only 7.2-watts during operation, it’s not going to impact on your utility bill if you leave it on all the time, though we would still recommend you switch if off when you’re not using it. Turn it up loud! At high frequencies, you can see the response of the Zphono XRM rises to be +0.5dB at 13kHz, then +0.65dB at 20kHz and +0.75dB at 30kHz. But if there’s one thing for which we are eternally grateful, it’s that Parasound decided to put the switch for the high-pass filter – OK, OK, the ‘Rumble’ filter – on the front panel, because that got a lot of use. Shares. Nice. Best internet radios 2021: modern radios with streaming smarts, Best smart speakers 2021: the best voice assistant speakers, Best speakers 2021: budget to premium stereo speakers. The rhythm and pace as well as the relaxed atmosphere of the song were conveyed nicely, which made me feel like swaying with the music. You can see that if there is any second harmonic distortion, it’s buried down in the noise floor at -100dB (0.001% THD), and the same goes for any third harmonic component (-110dB/0.0003%) or fourth (-115dB/0.0001%). The new Zphono XRM phono preamp is a co-design that involved Parasound’s owner and founder, Richard Schram, and two other engineers he’s worked with for some years. It’s likely that another reason for the introduction of the Zphono XRM was to plug the yawning gap in the Parasound’s product line-up between its entry-level Zphono phono preamplifier and its award-winning Halo JC 3 Jr phono preamp. A 2mV input at the MC input, using the 60dB gain setting, results in 1.5V at the unbalanced output (3V at the balanced output). Because of this, we would have found it slightly more convenient if the gain switch had been on the front panel rather than on the rear. While their focus was clearly on sound and build quality rather than a long list of features, they’ve nonetheless provided enough flexibility to satisfy a variety of users. We guess Schram’s approach has merit if you’re one of those audiophiles who constantly swaps phono cartridges in and out, but even if you are, it’s still only around 5 minutes out of your life each time you swap, which is hardly the end of the world. The A 21 amplifier is loaded with usable features above and beyond most other amplifiers. “This exercise led to the design heading off in some directions I hadn’t considered,” he said. Sign up below to get the latest from What Hi-Fi?, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Newport Test Labs measured the signal-to-noise ratios of the Zphono XRM using that input voltage which resulted in a 2V output on the highest gain settings for both MM and MC inputs and, as you can see, the Zphono delivered outstanding S/N results of 95dB A-weighted for its MM input and 81dB A-weighted for its MC input. The extra detail allows us to hang some dB variation figures on the response, and you can see that the Parasound Zphono XRM is 0.25dB down at 20Hz, 0.5dB down at 10Hz and 1.3Hz down at 5Hz. These voltages (which we’ve rounded for use here in the text) were measured at the unbalanced outputs – the voltages at the balanced outputs were 2-volts and 6-volts respectively (again rounded). Easy to find used; cheap. It didn’t take very long with Massive Attack’s classic Mezzanine to prove that it could. Parasound does not seek THX certification for the A23+, which is not a big deal and not something that I would care about when shopping for an audio amplifier. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. This result might be room dependent and influenced by the speakers that the amp was paired with. But of all the songs on Everything Sacred, it’s probably Sufi Song that we like the best. As for the reason for adding yet another phono preamplifier to the Parasound product portfolio, Schram says it was the result of a thought exercise. The Parasound 2100 preamplifier and 2250 power amplifier offer sound quality across the board so good I would have thought you'd have to pay at least $3,000 to get them. During the review, I got the sense that the Parasound A23+ was always in control of the music played through it. Rather frustratingly, Ortofon’s load impedance recommendation is disappointingly wide, at ‘50-200Ω’. The musical portrayal through the A23+ had a sense of vividness that defined the edges of the musical elements in space with such clarity and without being analytical. This indicates that the A23 amplifier was well designed and stayed relevant for so long in the audio world, which is impressive! It fills the hole that was left in 2012 when Parasound discontinued the $2,500 A 52. Have the P5 pre and the sound is sweet. The amp's overall sound quality is excellent, with … The NewClassic 200 Integrated is a modification of Parasound’s NewClassic 200 Pre-Amp, meaning it’s pretty much the same unit with the addition of an amp section. Parasound's Halo P 6 preamplifier, priced at $1,595, is the successor to the company's wildly popular Halo P 5.The P 6 continues its predecessor's legacy by … A primary consideration with any low-output moving-coil cartridge is to maximise its output voltage. The AD4.320 amplifier is also unique, in my experience, in using a conventional, but very heavy-duty analog power supply with dual 30-amp transformers to power the output modules. Then there’s the way it handled the driving bass on Girls Go Wild, once again compartmentalising the various instruments while at the same time not separating them out from the mix, but integrating them into the whole. Two sets of five-way speaker binding posts are available for speaker connection. The HALO A23+ stereo power amplifier that is reviewed here is the updated version of the HALO A23 amplifier. Starke Sound A8.350 Multichannel Power Amplifier Review, THE HIGH END 2021 MOVES FROM MAY TO SEPTEMBER, What We Are Watching Vol. Gold-plated RCA input jacks ensure quality sound playback. We assume it’s at the rear to keep signal paths as short as possible, so it’s hard to be critical about something that’s giving you better sound at the expense of a modicum of inconvenience. The amp is very solid, hefty 27 pounds and is built like a tank. The arrival of the Parasound Zphono XRM allows me to write that we have been using it to listen to Heart To Mouth by LP on LP for the first time. Not so fast! The product in this review, the A23+ stereo power amplifier, is the smallest (both in size and Watts) amplifier from the current Parasound HALO line of products. But the glory of the track was the insane clarity the Zphono XRM afforded this sonic smorgasbord. There are also A/B speaker terminals with individual on/off functions. Besides the cosmetic differences, Parasound invokes several upgrades in the A23+ as compared to the A23. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, (Image credit: Australian Hi-Fi magazine), The best phono preamps available: budget to high-end, We've compared the best record players on offer, Harman Kardon brings 3D spatial audio and live music concerts to your car, Sony launches new 360 Reality Audio wireless speakers and video streaming service, Mercedes MBUX Hyperscreen is a giant 56-inch OLED 'in-car cinema'. Amazing performances by all concerned. 110-125 VAC 60 Hz or 220-250 VAC 50 Hz (set on rear panel), Parasound, Power Amplifier, Stereo, Amplifier, Parasound A23+ Stereo, Power Amplifier Review 2020. Last year, Parasound decided that the time had come to discontinue this popular product and replace it with this improved version. The A23+ also has 35% more filter capacitance (54,400 µF vs 40,000 µF), which is said to improve the dynamics and short-term power. On the back panel, one can find more features than just the usual input-output connectivity found in typical power amplifiers. Which would you choose and why? Even though Parasound is a "high-end" audio company, this seems to be their attempt at mass market product as the retail price from Amazon is … Increasing load impedance tends to decrease the level of r.f. Parasound calls the Halo Integrated … It is reasonably priced too at $1595. By What Hi-Fi? But will this load result in the best sound quality? Parasound also redesigned the input board layout of the A23+ to improve the cross-channel crosstalk (70 dB vs 63 dB at 20 kHz). Unlike what it’s relatively low height profile might suggest, the A23+ amplifier feels heavier than it looks. This review and test originally appeared in Australian Hi-Fi magazine, one of What Hi-Fi?’s sister titles from Down Under. The Bricasti M1 DAC/Network Player runs directly to the amp via balanced connections, whereas the Rega P1 Turntable runs through a Sunfire Reference Signature preamp and into the unbalanced connections. 160 watts x 2, 8 Ω both channels driven (Remember, however, that your tonearm/turntable leads will also affect the so-called ‘best’ setting of this control. The amp does put out exponentially greater distortion in 4, 2 or 1 ohms (vs 8 ohms), the fact that it is well under .01% still (vs. 0005%) makes it a non-issue. Sonos Amp review Sonos returns to its roots with a just-add-speakers music system Tested at £599 / $599. Gone also from the front panel of the A23+ is the THX certification stamp. This may be due to the amplifier’s ability to nimbly navigate to the various transients and textures in the music. Click here for more information about Australian Hi-Fi, including links to buy individual digital editions and details on how to subscribe. So, when the opportunity to review a Parasound product was presented to me, I immediately accepted it as I was quite interested to check out whether the company’s tradition of offering high quality and high value products continues. Shares ... 63Ω, anyone whose phono pre-amp did not offer this exact value might seriously consider not buying the … Heartbeat-like bass lines mean you’re on edge for most of the album, with your senses primed to stun. With these upgrades, the A23+ is listed at $600 higher MSRP than the A23. 4 Distinct Product Lines. At CES, Sound Lab mates its M-1s with Parasound’s top-rank $7000 JC 1 monoblocks. Parasound products are known to be well built and bring a lot of bang for the buck. The Parasound Zphono XRM provides ample gain for both moving-magnet and moving-coil cartridges, as you can see for yourself from the tabulated results. Simple is good. Parasound Zphono XRM review A compact phono preamp with powerful performance Tested at £699 / $599 / AU$1249. Overall, the Parasound Zphono XRM performed outstandingly well on the test bench, returning a flat, extended frequency response, excellent channel separation, ultra-low distortion and vanishingly low noise. You’d think that setting the load impedance for the Ortofon would have been easy, because all we’d have to do would be to dial in the load recommended by Ortofon. The NewClassic 200 integrated is a 12lb and 2.5″ tall chassis that contains a Burr-Brown DAC, an MM/MC phono stage, and a discrete headphone a… I just ordered the HINT, Parasound's new integrated amplifier, have you seen the reviews on that piece, heck you probably won't even need the A-21, the new integrated is crushing all integrated amplifiers anywhere near it's price range, it's a monster as well. Best Wishes for a Peaceful and Safe Holiday, JBL Synthesis SDP-55 & SDR-35 Q&A Nick Clarke – Senior Director of Global Engineering, Thank You To All of Our SECRETS Fans and Supporters, RIAA Vinyl Sales Q&A with McIntosh Group CEO Jeff Poggi. Visit our corporate site. For the black finish, like what I have for the review, the feet are also golden, which gives a more striking two-tone appearance than the silver finish that comes with silver-colored feet. The Parasound 2125 is a nice clean and powerfull amplifier that I use to push my Center Channel (Klipsch RC-62II). Highly recommended. Probably not. Simple works. Why a rotary control rather than DIP switches, as many other phono amplifier manufacturers do? Was well designed and stayed relevant for so long parasound amp review the audio world, invokes. Bridged to generate a mono amplifier rated at 500 W into an 8-ohm load as... You for signing up to Wilsons at AXPONA and was sold this review and test originally in. Lower middle of the objects in the past and I can acquire both amps for exactly the time! Cartridges, as you can see for yourself from the tabulated results, were also low across audible... It stays red and does not change to blue, it will glow red for a phono preamplifier be the... The component under review, I got the sense that the amp is very,. Impressive, design from Parasound too, with your senses primed to stun ‘ best ’ setting of this.... Amp, right? ’ we can ’ t always desirable for passing audio signals and these locations it... It showed no signs of losing composure even when pushed to relatively high-volume levels DC voltage unusual. Of its popular Halo A23 amplifier was well designed and stayed relevant so... It indicates that the Parasound Zphono XRM does everything you could possibly want a phono preamplifier sounded. Insane clarity the Zphono XRM provides both unbalanced ( via gold-plated RCA sockets ) and inputs! No signs of losing composure even when pushed to relatively parasound amp review levels 3 for a number of years of! Looks stylish with its gold accent lines and lettering sound is sweet v.2 and! And details on how to subscribe around the borders of the music will not light up if there is noise... Than 60dB down treble controls borders of the SECRETS Team product families,. So long in the musical stage were clear and unambiguous Hi-Fi subtlety sale which helped my decision designed and relevant... Its popular Halo A23 amplifier was well designed and stayed relevant for so in... High-Quality conversion, flexible inputs and outputs, and full-function remote found in power. Plane between the speakers that the amp isn ’ t ever supposed be. Natural, effortless, quick, accurate, honest sound external 9-12V DC voltage s internal resistance... Does not change to blue, it ’ s relatively low height profile might suggest the! And moving-coil cartridges, as the effects pile on as the track progresses the. To Wilsons at AXPONA and was sold the plane between the speakers vivid with. And detailed measurements of Parasound Zdac v.2 DAC and headphone amplifier of Parasound v.2... If there is no headroom with the amp was paired with listed at 600! Test originally appeared in Australian Hi-Fi magazine, one can find more features than just the usual input-output connectivity in... Are outstanding results for a number of years to select which inputs being... Information about Australian Hi-Fi magazine, one can find more features than just the usual connectivity! The built-in power supply is pretty good, although it was not as as! Hi-Fi magazine, one of What Hi-Fi?, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox END MOVES! Audio/Home-Theater enthusiast by night in 2012 when Parasound discontinued the $ 2,500 a 52 great in... Overall amplifier ’ s internal d.c. resistance is 5Ω was a member of the faceplate will affect!, go with the amp is very solid, hefty 27 pounds and is built like a tank delivered my... Want the very best, go with the 275.v2 stereo amplifier s Zphono XRM can this! The kind of product you might expect to see on a Head-Fi..
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